Save $$$ on lodging at upcoming San Diego Conventions

Why ITH Hostels are GREAT for every type of Convention Goer

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Need a place to stay for your conference?

The Convention Center is located in Downtown San Diego, and so is the ITH Adventure Hostel. Here are some reasons why it is great for any type of traveler…

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Are you traveling solo?

Hostels are a great way to meet other travelers from all over the world, learn about different cultures and places to visit in the area. The ITH Hostels host events for their guests as well. This includes a wide variety of events. Enjoy music around a bonfire, a surf lesson or a yoga class. There is an event every day so you are bound to have options. The point of hostels is, you do not have to have the entire experience by yourself. You can share your travel experience with others.

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Are you traveling in a group?

If you split a dorm room for a large group the cost will be great and you can enjoy spending your money on more San Diego food and activities during your stay. If your group is large the group may rent out an entire dorm room. It is less expensive than if staying at a hotel, plus you get the added bonus of knowing that everyone gets their own bed! A great deal, your own bed, and a prime location. Win, win, win!

Do you like SOME privacy when you travel?

The ITH Hostels also have private rooms available. With this option, you get to enjoy the benefits of privacy along with the company of fellow travelers and potentially fellow convention-goers. It is the best of both. Hotel privacy meets the companionship of fellow travelers.


Do you come to San Diego frequently?

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List of Major Convention Events Coming Soon to San Diego:


-Fit Expo

-65th Annual Employee Benefits Conference


-ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

-AAR & SBL Joint Meeting


-California School Boards Association

-Baseball Winter Meetings


-San Diego International Auto Show

-Travel & Adventure Show


-Biophysical Society 64th Annual Meeting

-Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020


-Social Media Marketing World 2020

-IHRSA 2020


-Experimental Biology 2020 Annual Meeting

-Warrior Expo West 2020


-Rock n’ Roll Marathon Expo

-Heart Rhythm Society 2020 Scientific Sessions

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