Juice Cleanse Madness!

Bobby Dyer

March is around the corner, beaches are jumping again, and Spring Break is on the horizon! How’s that beach body looking? If you’re not where you want to be or you’ve been slacking a bit on your new years goals, you should consider a juice cleanse!

What is A Juice Cleanse?

Juice juice cleanse essentially is exactly what it sounds like. You consume nothing but pressed juices for the duration of the time you choose to do it.

The only time you should eat something solid is if you are feeling lightheaded or faint. If that begins to happen you may eat any of the ingredients listed in your juice bottle or some fruit.

But a juice cleanse, without any alterations, is a cleansing of the body from solid food and allowing the digestive system to rest.

What Can A Juice Cleanse Do?

As stated above, the juice cleanse  is a process that allows the digestive system to rest and heal from the constant work we put on it. Doing that can help you lose weight, decrease bloating, improve your skin greatly, help fatigue and so much more.

KjIn western culture, one of our biggest issues is our overindulgence (basically we eat too much haha). We are constantly feeding and overwork our digestive system, which ends up cause health problems like bloating.

That is why we feel so yucky sometimes after we eat. Our food choice is poor and we eat too much of it and don’t give our bodies the time to digest and process it.

That being said, a juice cleanse allows us to get the necessary nutrients we need while consuming liquids, giving our body the chance to clean itself, rest, and reset.

Best Place to Get a Juice Cleanse in SD?

Of course I got a great recommendation for the best place to get an all inclusive Juice Cleanse right here in San Diego.

Featured for the second time on our blog is Freshii in Hillcrest at 1255 University Ave. San Diego.

ShgfhsFreshii has a 1, 3, and 5 day juice cleanse option. With the cleanse you get an instructional pamphlet with all the information you need regarding the juices.

You will also get more information regarding the ingredients and the benefits, as well as the times to drink them. There will be 4 juices: Green Genius, Renew, Reset, and Recharge. All cold pressed juices made out of fruits and vegetables.

As an added bonus you get double immunity shots that consist of turmeric, lemon, ginger, and honey to all double the umph to you health and weight-loss journey.

Well there you have it folks! You heard it here first on the ITH blog of how to shed some pounds and get yourself healthy and ready for the spring!



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