Desert Experiences Happening In Joshua Tree In April

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Joshua Tree In April

Catch The Flowers In Joshua Tree In April

April in Joshua Tree is the peak of the high season because you can experience ideal weather and colorful flowers blooming across the desert landscape. Head out to the desert and enjoy the beautiful climate as you climb on rocks and explore the unknown.

Find your favorite spots to camp or hang out and enjoy the ideal desert weather in April. Temperatures in Joshua Tree for April range from 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime to 48 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Be sure you pack warm clothes for the evenings because it gets cold in the desert at night.

Top Events happening in Joshua Tree In April:

Milky Way Photography Workshops

Joshua Tree National Park


Scheduled near the new moon as an introduction to photography for beginners to learn about filming the Milky Way Galaxy.


Joshua Tree Astrophotography Workshop

Astrology Workshop

Joshua Tree National Park

Learn the tips and secrets of photographing landscape astrophotography, star trails, milky way and deep-sky astrophotography.

Led by telescope expert & master astrophotographer, Matt Dieterich Photography and professional landscape photographer, Kah-Wai Lin Photography for the astrophotography workshop in Joshua Tree National Park.


Wildflower Bloom

Joshua Tree Desert

Springtime in the desert causes all the wildflowers to bloom creating colorful backdrops for great photos. The flowers only bloom for a few weeks so be sure to plan your trip and get out there when the time is right!


Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree’s most popular activity is to hit the slab and crawl around on the jumbo size rocks. There are thousands of routes you can climb in Joshua Tree. If you are new to the sport, we recommend checking out the Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School to get versed on where to start

Go Hiking

Joshua Tree National Park

If you have ever explored Joshua Tree National Park you will understand how vast it really is. There are endless miles of trails and canyons to explore. Always bring plenty of water when you go hiking because the sun can sneak up on you and wear you out.


The Integratron


The Integration was built by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. You can enjoy their daily sound bath events to rejuvenate and relax. Be sure to book ahead and get your reservation as it quickly fills up.


Weekly Local Events in Joshua Tree:

Saturdays: Joshua Tree Farmers Market

Joshua Tree is a great destination year-round. Many other extraordinary events are happening and listed on the Joshua Tree Guide website.

For info on the live music scene, the Event Brite has a great list of upcoming shows in the desert area.

If you have any questions about other events happening in Joshua Tree, please contact us at the ITH Coyote Ranch Joshua Tree.


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