Joshua Tree Bloom

Amiel Terry

Spring is upon us and that means beautiful flowers will be blossoming back on the scene, even in Joshua tree. A few different times a year, Joshua Tree is host to a few surprising flowers across the deserts bed.

Here we will give you a little bit of background on the Joshua Tree Bloom and what flowers to expect during this fabulous time of year.


Every year the wildflowers bloom in Joshua Tree to provide a variety of color compared to the used dry and deserty look.

OjThere are a variety of 14 beautiful flowers that have been know to consistently bloom. You will see things from the famous Joshua Tree itself to beautiful picturesque Majove Mounds on the bottom levels.

The prime bloom months to catch these wildflowers is from March to May of every year. Joshua Tree National Park typically has some sort of awesome deal to accommodate travelers as well. This year they are providing Weekend Wildflower Tours; which include tours and a private room for two people.

What You’ll Need

When it comes to things to bring, you definitely need to normal essentials. Plan to pay a good supply of water, snacks, a travel backpack and your hiking boots.

Most importantly though, make sure you bring a camera to capture all of the dope flowers! Each year people take photos and videos of the beautiful flowers and make dope collages, short mini-vids, or even enter contests!

AdsfIf you don’t have a professional camera or you’re not a veteran on landscape/nature photography you’ll still be good. Some of the participants and content creators of previous years have advised that you are just fine weather you use a smartphone or a professional DSLR camera. With a wide landscape and many avenues to walk, you’ll be more than able to capture some dope shots.

Flowers Blossoming

For all of you curious cats and nature lovers, here are a list of the flowers known to bloom:

  1. Joshua Tree
  2. Beavertail Cactus
  3. Grizzly Bear Prickly Pear Cactus
  4. Desert Paintbrush
  5. California Barrel Cactus
  6. Utah Firecracker
  7. Cholla Cactus
  8. Mojave Aster
  9. Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus
  10. Mojave Yucca
  11. Evening Primrose
  12. Parry’s Beargrass
  13. Mojave Mound
  14. Trixis

Check out a few shots:


Of course you are welcome to come stay at ITH in Joshua Tree one your weekend getaway to the Wildflower Event!


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