How to Find Off-Campus Student Housing in Santa Barbara

Zack Garhart
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Tips on how to find off-campus housing in Santa Barbara.

Looking for alternatives for student housing in Santa Barbara? We’ve got you covered!

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The Hostel Life

Look no further than ITH Hostels. Our Santa Barbara Beach Hostel is located in beautiful Santa Barbara. With immediate access to the Amtrak station, and being just steps from the beach, ITH Beach Hostel is an ideal place to set up shop while you scout out more permanent living.

For students, hostel living is comparable to what you might find on or near campus. Our shared dorms are in ways very similar to what is offered on campus to students. Better yet, many of our rooms include beds that have privacy curtains. Also, for females, we offer shared dorms that are female only.

Room Types

Whether it’s in a mixed coed dorm or female-only, you’ll find our space to be a cool opportunity to meet other people and make friends in the area while you acclimate to Santa Barbara. It’s not uncommon for students to stay at our hostel and meet other students even studying in the same field!

Think of hostel living as an upgraded version of the dorms, with an interesting mix of people always rotating in and out. Plus, at ITH Hostels we offer a free pancake breakfast every morning!

Eva, who was visiting our Santa Barbara Beach Hostel from Santa Cruz, said she was glad she decided to stay in a hostel.

“I had never stayed in one before, but my mom suggested it,” she said. In a short time, Eva said she was able to meet people and make friends at the hostel. “If this were an option for students, I would definitely consider staying here (while I looked for housing).”

It is an option! For students looking to book a room at ITH for a month, we’re offering a 10% discount on your monthly rate. Inquire with our staff for more information!

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Alternative Websites

Another alternative for finding housing off campus in Santa Barbara is Kangaroom. Kangaroom helps you find apartments in your area by providing a variety of listings. You might find shared bedrooms or private apartments on this website. We’ve found that the prices on Kangaroom are competitive, too!

Since Santa Barbara is a smaller community, we suggest expanding your search to neighboring towns like Goleta or Isla Vista. This will help you increase your odds of finding an apartment or room that suits your needs and preferences.

Some of the rooms listed on Kangaroom feature places with future move-in dates, which means you can plan ahead of time if you find something you really like. With a little luck and the right timing, you can find great off-campus housing in Santa Barbara with Kangaroom.


We all know someone who has found an apartment or place of their dreams on Craigslist. Not everyone has such luck, though. For different reasons, people are hesitant to search for rooms on Craigslist. But the website can actually offer some pretty incredible deals and different approaches to housing!

On Craigslist, there are often single-occupancy places, shared apartments, or even shared rooms available. Then you always have the option to look for long-term leases, too. Sometimes it helps to look for short-term and subleases when you’re seeking housing. Finding something short-term means you have the flexibility and time to look around for an apartment or house that suits your timeline and desires.

With the different options available, we recommend at least giving Craigslist a look while you’re searching for off-campus housing in Santa Barabra.

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Another resource for finding off-campus housing in Santa Barbara is this video. Check it out!

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