Hostel Traveling in 2023

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Backpacker Hostel Post Covid

Staying in Hostels: What to Expect

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Tips for Hostel Traveling in 2023 (Slow Travel)

One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck when hostel traveling in 2023 is to travel slowly by experiencing life as a local. Some hostels offer monthly rates; for those that don’t, there is always work exchange through World Packers!

World Packers allows you to exchange your skills for accommodation and some other perks. When you do a work exchange for a hostel, you get to stay longer at that destination. When you live as a local, you can become a part of a community, network, and discover yourself and a new city all at the same time.

Dreaming of traveling? Check if your dream destination is on World Packers and travel longer and more affordably as a volunteer!


Solo Travelers Meet Others at Hostels

A lot of travelers find hostel traveling in 2023 post-COVID to be refreshing. Because we were isolated for so long, having that face-to-face human connection with others, especially from different walks of life, automatically makes your experience much more exciting and intimate.

What Is Hostel Life Like?

When you stay at a hostel, you meet/make lifelong friends and becoming a part of a family. A lot of people choose to stay in hostels for the price, but many travelers have told me that they would stay in hostels regardless because they feel a sense of community.

Whichever hostel you stay at, the bonds you form are going to enhance your travel experience. You’ll often find that the joy of traveling comes from the people you meet.

Hostel Life for Remote Workers

Hostel life for remote workers is often very comfortable because most hostels come equipped with WiFi and community areas where you can work alongside other digital nomads.

During my travels, I have met remote workers who live semi-long term on hostel premises. Hostel life for remote workers is also a good opportunity to network since you are constantly meeting new people from different backgrounds and industries.

Hostel vs Airbnb Solo Travel

Hostel Vs Solo Travel

Which is better as a solo traveler: staying at a hostel or an Airbnb?

The answer is due to personal preference. An Airbnb has many options ranging from private rooms in shared homes to a home all to yourself.

The biggest difference you will see between a hostel and an Airbnb is the privacy. It’s easy to associate privacy with a better stay, but this largely depends on the experience you are looking for. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and make new friends, then staying at a hostel is going to help you do that a lot better than staying alone inside your Airbnb. If the purpose of your trip is to spend time in solitude, then hostel life may not be the best option for you.

The best way to decide which option is best for you is to give both a go and see which ambiance you fit in best! The ITH hostels, for example, have weekly activities that include the whole community. These activities include anything from taco Tuesdays to bar crawls to poker nights. So, if doing things in groups fits your style, you might find your lifelong friends in one of our hostels!

Are Hostels Safe?

Hostels are very safe in terms of who has access to the premises and who can check into a room. A lot of the time, travelers are concerned that homeless people will be sharing a room with them because of the affordability, however, a lot of hostels have a policy that prohibits locals from checking into a room.

Although the common areas in hostels usually have cameras to prevent theft, it is a smart idea to theft-proof your personal items since you will be sharing a room with other travelers. To keep your stuff secured, use a lock to store valuables like laptops, cameras, jewelry, etc. You can also opt for an anti-theft suitcase that has a special code to unlock your bag.

Another way you can protect your valuables while traveling is by getting insurance for your personal items. I personally recommend AKKO, which covers things like your phone, laptop, camera, and almost anything else you want covered! Plans are around $15/mo, and it’s a great way to get peace of mind, even protecting against damage and theft! Use the referral code LeilaniJ to get your first month of AKKO coverage free!

Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker Hostel Life (1)

When it comes to hostels, almost all hostels will be labeled as backpacker hostels because of their affordability. Unless the hostel is super luxurious (which is rare but does exist) almost all hostels will have the basics for everyday living. Backpacker hostels are so attractive not just because of the affordable nightly rates, but also because of the shared kitchen space, saving you money on food by cooking homecooked meals instead of eating out every time.

You can find backpacker hostels of every type: party hostels, laid back hostels, and nature-centered hostels. Hostel World is a great search engine to browse through hostels and find one that fits you!


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