Good food for money in Hillcrest, San Diego

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Vegan Cheap Thai San Diego Hillcrest

When we travel is necessary to plan everything, including finding good food for money bars, and restaurants. So here we are to help you with this topic while you stay in Hillcrest, San Diego.

Once we live in a very diverse world with hundreds of different currencies, it is important to be sure that we will be safe and enjoy the journey eating good food. For most visitors, San Diego is an expensive city, but it is possible to organize to make everything work in the best way.

One of the aspects of the trip that you have to think about is: where to eat and drink?

We are sure that you can cook while you travel (and we have equipped kitchens in all ITH), but in some moments it will take a substantial time during your trip. In this way, you have to save some money to spend with bars and restaurants. Actually, for many people, trying new food is also part of the experience. Keep this in mind and check our tips for eating and drinking for fair prices in Hillcrest – the most diverse & inclusive neighborhood of San Diego.

Tajima Ramen Bar

San Diego Ramen Japanese

In this authentic Japanese restaurant, you can find good food & drinks for affordable prices. You can choose different types of ramen and other dishes. They also have vegan and spicy options. Furthermore, during happy hour you can drink beer, sake, and other drinks for $pecial prices!

La Vecindad Neighborhood Tacos

Mexican Tacos San Diego Hillcrest

Once San Diego is super close to Mexico, tacos here are of course one dish that you have to try! In this restaurant in San Diego, you can find good deals. We recommend that you go for Taco Tuesday and happy hours when you will save more money. If you don’t like spicy, it is important to let them know because in Mexican food it is super strong! Click here and check other Mexican restaurants.

Alexi’s Greek Cafe

Greek Food Coffee Hillcrest San Diego

In this restaurant, you can eat authentic good Greek food paying a super affordable price. In general the portion sizes there are large, so you can share them. The soups and baklavas there are famous, so don’t hesitate in trying them!

Bronx Pizza

Pizza San Diego Hillcrest Cheap

If you are in San Diego, you have to eat pizza! It is in the day by day of all Americans and of course, is one of the most common dishes here. In this restaurant, you can try the real New York-style pizza. It is also possible to buy slices of pizza – a great thing when traveling alone in San Diego.

Sushi Deli

Cheap Sushi Japanese San Diego Hillcrest

Yes, it is possible to save money eating sushi! If you ask for the Bento Box you can try a great variety for the money. The edamame and calamari are also super popular there. In order to pay cheaper prices, go during happy hour! They also have good vegan options.

Veganic Thai Cafe

Vegan Cheap Thai San Diego Hillcrest

The perfect option for vegans. They have a great variety of dishes (all vegan) and an amazing atmosphere. The Pumpkin Curry and Tom Kha are popular dishes.

Now you know some amazing places to buy good food for the money in Hillcrest, San Diego.

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See ya!



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