Free Things To Do in San Diego

Amiel Terry
Surf 2


As we all know, the surf in San Diego is unmatched. The culture is unmatched. The waves… UNMATCHED. If you are trying to keep your costs low and find some free things to do in San Diego, you definitely can’t go wrong with starting here.

Major waves year ’round and many surfers to connect and vibe with across San Diego’s 24 different beaches. Surf’s up dude!

The Studio Door

Easily my favorite art spot in the San Diego area. With unbelievable talents, dope shows, and multi-disciplinary art phenoms renting out each of the studios, you will be able to find whatever you desire to fill your artistic itch here.

I feel like The Studio Door is a great representation of San Diego as a whole. You will find artist from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life here. Each with their own unique style and their own story to tell.

They host art exhibits, have an art mural in the back, and have some of the kindest souls I have ever met. If you done nothing else, make sure to visit The Studio Door.

TsdSight Seeing

As a photographer myself and an avid explorer and traveler of the world, I personally recommend sight seeing in San Diego.

With the 24 beaches, beautiful downtown, amazing terrain, unlimited hiking trails, and being right in the center of other dope art, music, and creative scenes, you will find no trouble finding some Instagram and portfolio worthy things to shoot.

Whether you’re trying to snap some dope shots or just get away, San Diego has got you covered.

The Pier at Pacific Beach


The pier at Pacific Beach is one of my favorite locations to go. It’s something that you see in the distance and always say you’ll walk out to but don’t really grasp the beauty of it until you’re out there. It is the perfect place for sunsets.

The Pier is also a great location for pictures and whale watching. Being out in the middle of the ocean, you feel connected to nature. For my seasick and motion sick friends, this is a perfect way to experience the waters of SD.

Skate Boarding and Roller Blading

This is a big activity in San Diego. Along almost all the beaches and neighborhoods you’ll find riders. The perfect year-round weather always encourages travel on wheels.

Mission Beach and Ocean Beach are popular locations. However, if you want to really shed, check out some of the skate parks.

There are over 10 skate parks in San Diego with Washington Street Park topping the list. Bikes, roller blades, scooters, and skateboards. If it has wheels, it’s at one of these three parks.

SkateeeWhile you’re check out the free things to do in San Diego checking out the scene, make sure to check out our various locations for accommodations.



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