Explore San Diego with a Ferry Ride

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Explore San Diego with a Ferry Ride

For those looking for a unique and exciting way to explore San Diego, hop on a ferry ride and set sail on a short but scenic journey. With its beautiful coastline, vibrant downtown, iconic beaches like Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, plus the enchanting Coronado Island, San Diego offers a plethora of experiences for all travelers.

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Let’s start in downtown San Diego, where there are plenty of ports and marinas to stroll through. We recommend heading to the San Diego Harbor and catching a ferry to Coronado Island through Flagship Ferry. This ferry takes off from Broadway Pier and lands on Coronado Island. There’s also a ride that goes from the Convention Center to Coronado Island. Ferry service from San Diego to Coronado Island dates all the way back to 1886!

The ferry ride itself is filled with stunning views of the city skyline, the Coronado Bridge, and the majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean. Taking the ferry is a great alternative to driving or public transportation. Rates to Coronado Island start at $8 for a one-way ticket. Flagship Ferry also offers great packages when it comes to dinner cruises, and these are great options for group activities with friends and fellow travelers!

Once you arrive at Coronado Island, take some time to check out the many lookout points of the island. Explore the quaint streets that are lined with local shops, art galleries, and cafes. Rent a bike and cruise along the scenic Coronado Beach for a few hours, which is known for its soft sands and sweeping views of the ocean. Hollands is one of the best places to rent a bike on Coronado Island.

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If you want to hit the water, consider renting a boat or jet ski and see even more of the surrounding areas. San Diego Jet Ski is the go-to spot for aquatic rentals. Jet ski rentals start at $99/hour, while Pontoon boat rentals start at $149/hour. Pontoon boat rentals are a great option for large parties, and can be quite affordable when split multiple ways!

If you’re hungry while touring Coronado Island, grab a bite at Clayton’s Coffee Shop. We love their biscuits and gravy, and for those with a sweet tooth, try their Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! Before taking off back to San Diego, hit up Coronado Brewing Company, which serves up some of the best beer around. They also serve ciders and a great assortment of food options like soft pretzels and coconut calamari.

Back in San Diego, check out Mission Beach and Pacific Beach!

This iconic stretch of coastline is perfect for soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the cool Pacific Ocean. Surfers flock here for the great waves, and watching them can be a great way to spend a day at the beach. From Pacific Beach, try renting a beach cruiser and riding along the Mission Beach Boardwalk which is lined with funky shops, street performers, and local food stands. Along Mission Beach, try your hand at beach volleyball or hop on one of the roller coasters at Belmont Park, a historic beachfront amusement park.

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Want another look at what it’s like to explore San Diego by ferry? Watch this video!

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Now that you know all the best ways to explore San Diego by sea, plan a day to catch a ferry ride to Coronado Island!


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