Cali Strong Baby! A Skater’s Heaven!

Bobby Dyer
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Previously on our blog we’ve mentioned before about the skate culture in San Diego, and even the best spots to skate. Now let me get you hip to the mecca of skate shops, CALI Strong!


CALI Strong is a powerhouse super hub for skaters and longboarders alike, located on W. Harbor Drive in San Diego. Founded and made available to the public only a year ago, Cali strong is killing the game.

Here you can get all of your skateboard and longboard needs, as well as shoes and apparel to get your swag right for the skate scene. They have pro skaters, artist, and top of the life customer service reps that will take anyone from a newbie on the scene to a pro skater and make their experience completely pain-free. Check out their site!

YURRRThe Experience

When you walk into CALI Strong, the dopest thing is you feel like instant family. They greet you will a warm welcome and give you a Covid-friendly elbow pound and get right to it.

Whoever is working the front will give you a tour of the facility. Skateboard and Longboards to the left, socks and hats in the back, and shoes and other gear everywhere else.

Though the store is bigger than most skate shops, the energy you feel in the place makes it feel even bigger. It is a great experience!


JHBKAs we mentioned before, CALI Strong has everything you need from parts, to boards, to gear.

What I liked best about my experience with them, is I explained my preferences and limitations and they got me on a board that fit all my needs. With more that 4 different shapes of boards, and in house top of the like design work, you’ll get a sickkkk board to ride out on. They have boards for all sizes, heights, and experience levels. I was thoroughly impressed!

For a little context for out new skater converts or other people who want to know, skateboards are typically designed more for tricks and action. If you plan to be kick-flippin’ down the street or grinding down a rail, you’re going to lean more toward a skateboard.

If you are looking to cruise, go longer distances, and want a bigger board and a little more room and stability, longboard is your thing. Both of which they have a dope selection of in house.


CALI Strong is all about vibes. Famously proclaimed “CALI Strong is synonymous with the California Dream in the Golden State land of opportunity”. The store has a super nice vibe to it. They have TV’s if you want to chill and a mini hoop in the back.

Speaking of the mini hoop, after you buy your board you get a special surprise. You have the chance to win additional stuff!

After purpose you’re prompted to play the basketball or football game. If you sink a shot or throw the football into the hoop from the line, you win a prize! If you are a one-take-jake and hit it first time you get a whole other board for free!

CALI STRONGLike I said, super dope place. Have to check them out when you’re in SD!

And while you are checking them out, make sure to stay with us at ITH!



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