Best wine bars in San Diego

Zack Garhart
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With summer approaching, and patio season in full swing, nothing beats sitting outside with a glass of wine. Whether you fancy red, white, or rose, San Diego has a plethora of fun wine bars for your next night out. We’ve picked the best wine bars in San Diego for you to check out!

For starters, we recommend checking out Little Thief, a wine bar in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. This gem offers a robust food menu, including salads and sandwiches as well as full entrees and boards. They specialize in preparing meats, such as smoked chicken and ribs, as well as pork shoulder and fried chicken. Whichever wine you choose, there is bound to be an excellent food pairing on the menu. As for the wine, we love their selection of interesting, unusual wines that are made from all across the globe. From orange wine to sherry, there’s something for every palate. 

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Downtown wine bars

Doubling as a wine shop and bar, Boutique Vino is an excellent spot in downtown San Diego that offers everything from snacks and provisions, to large format bottles and special selections from their cellar. We appreciate this spot because they offer more than just sips and snacks – check their calendar for classes on wine, and also becoming a member of their wine club. With a great, central location and intimate decor, Boutique Vino is the spot for any wine lover traveling to San Diego!

Pacific Beach wine bars

For those hanging out in the Pacific Beach area, look no further than the Blue Door Winery. While you’re there, step into their wine-making facilities and watch the magic happen! Blue Door opens their doors to those interested in learning more about the wine making process, making your visit that much more interesting. Their approach towards making wine is to make juice that is simple and natural. With interesting decor and a unique atmosphere, we recommend stopping over at Blue Door for your next wine Wednesday!

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Mission Beach wine bars

A hop-skip away from the Mission Beach neighborhood is The 3rd Corner, an upscale bistro that doubles as a wine shop. Located in nearby Ocean Beach, this restaurant/shop offers its own wine club. Additionally, the restaurant runs an offer that is 6 wines for $66 – this allows you to try an assortment of curated wines from around the world. If you’re in the mood for more than just wine, they offer both brunch and happy-hour specials throughout the week.

After you’ve hit up some of the different wine bars and restaurants in San Diego, stop on over at our fun and breezy Beach Bungalow Hostel in Pacific Beach.

Now that you have a run-down on the best wine bars in San Diego, go get yourself a nice glass and sit back and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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