The Best Wellness Destinations to Get Away From It All

Ali Sullivan
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Wellness packages are available in all sorts of different guises, whether you want to embark on a personal trip backpacking dedicated to individual self-improvement or organize a corporate retreat to strengthen colleague bonds and focus on employee wellbeing.

The benefits of traveling to a wellness destination are many, as you can escape your normal life and really focus on yourself and what is important to you, with few other distractions. 

The old adage ‘a change is as good as a rest’ holds true; getting out of your comfort zone and breaking away to somewhere different is a healthy way of severing ties and opening your mind to new possibilities.

‘Wellness’ is a whole destination genre in itself, but it makes sense to find somewhere which specializes in what you’re trying to achieve.

San Diego 

Explore the local culture of Downtown, where you can relax at a California-styled hostel in San Diego. Little Italy is a must-see with exceptional food, and authentic markets and is known for its craft bars. 

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Staying at an International traveler’s house in Downtown San Diego will give you the opportunity to meet and spend time with other travelers who share similar interests. A perfect opportunity for any solo traveler to connect with new people, from different backgrounds and build lasting connections with like-minded travelers who may not have crossed paths with otherwise. 

With social hostel events, wellness and yoga is close to our heart, we provide wellness studios for you to improve respiration and recharge to feel more centered during your stay in San Diego.

Portugal – improving physical health

Yoga and general detox holidays for your overall physical body health have been particularly popular for many backpackers in Asia for a while, but are now spreading to all areas of the world. 

Thailand and Bali led the way with these sorts of holidays, taking their inspiration from Buddhist ideologies. But, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, it is now a method that is widely accepted as being good for your body and soul.

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Any form of yoga or pilates or similar exercise combined with a healthy eating regime allows your body to reset itself and create inner harmony. You can now find yoga retreats in almost any destination around the world. The Mandali Yoga Retreats in Portugal welcomes backpacking yogis from all over to experience a 7-day program to help them find deep relaxation, meditation, and nourishment in the sunshine.

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Canada – focusing on your recovery

Your reason for wanting a wellness break may have more far-reaching consequences, and getting away from your daily life, acquaintances, and stresses to get treatment for a more serious issue is a great first step to regaining control and focusing on your recovery.

Centers for Health and Healing in Canada offers a home away from home in comfortable surroundings and tailoring programs to your exact needs. Rather than taking a clinical institution route, the relaxed ambiance of a residential facility retreat may help you to feel less marginalized, with the freedom to roam the extensive grounds and rehabilitate in calm, natural surroundings.

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Philippines – focusing on mental health

Retreats in far-flung destinations like the Philippines, are entirely designed to work with you on improving your mental health, using a combination of daily exercise, nutritional advice, and a range of behavioral techniques, as well as individual therapy sessions. 

Mental health problems are growing among people of all ages and genders, but so is an understanding of the issues which lead many to need professional help. It is no longer the stigma it once was, and there is plenty of support out there to guide you through the most difficult of times.

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These are the perfect way to get away from it all, concentrate entirely on yourself and your own needs as well as seeing the world. 

Restoring your inner calm and resetting your brain and coping mechanisms all play a part in helping you to feel better and prepare you for the road ahead.

Benefits to business

Corporate retreats are big business. But it doesn’t matter how big your business is, there is something to suit every requirement. There is a range of opportunities on offer, spanning stressed executives who just need a break to team-building exercises designed to boost productivity and wellbeing among employees.

One of the main focuses for corporate retreats is to build resilience, so going somewhere more unusual and off the beaten track can provide a great experience to do just that. Working together with a common aim and generating a stronger support network are all skills that transfer from the boardwalk to the boardroom. For companies wanting to invest in the long-term health of both their employees and their business, corporate retreats can offer more than practical solutions. Shared cultural experiences result in shared connections, boosting wellbeing and profits.

Still undecided? Relaxation and rejuvenation

Maybe you just want to relax. And there is nothing wrong with that. Take the time to really let go and enjoy yourself. Create itineraries in advance to do the hard work for you, and find you the perfect holiday to kick back and do exactly what you want to do.

  • A relaxing ocean or river cruise to gently propel you from place to place without you needing to think about it – ✅ 
  • An exploration of culinary delights to tempt your tastebuds and assault your senses – ✅ 
  • A revitalizing adventure holiday to get the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping – ✅ 

However you want to spend your downtime, there’s no judgment here. Just help, advice, and support to assist you in planning your perfect getaway.

Final thoughts

Wellness takes many forms. Ultimately, it is up to how you want to perceive it and make the most of the myriad retreats, holidays, and breaks available all designed to improve your wellbeing and make you feel better. 

We are all different and have different approaches to our mental and physical health, which is why wellness destinations exist. Get together with like-minded people or create an individual program tailored to your desires. Whatever works for you. And that’s the aim.







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