Best Travel YouTubers, Podcasts, & Blogs for 2024

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Dive into the best travel YouTubers, blogs, and podcasts that are shaping the online landscape in 2024. Explore the best of the best in the ever-evolving world of travel media.


In a world where maps have turned digital, and passports might be gathering a bit of dust, our desire for exploration remains as vibrant as ever. Fear not, fellow wanderers! We’ve scoured the virtual landscape to bring you the absolute best travel companions for 2024—your go-to sources for vicarious adventures, practical tips, and a hefty dose of wanderlust. 


Whether you’re seeking breathtaking visuals, immersive stories, or valuable travel insights, our curated list of travel YouTubers, podcasts, and blogs promises to be your passport to a world of discovery from the comfort of your screen.



YouTubers, Podcasts, and Blogs For Travel Inspiration in 2024 

First up, fasten your seatbelts for the YouTubers who turn pixels into passports! From navigating bustling city streets to exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, these digital storytellers bring the world to your fingertips. 



Drew Binsky: Known for his infectious enthusiasm and genuine curiosity, Drew Binsky’s YouTube channel is a virtual passport to discover the beauty, traditions, and hidden gems of our planet. Drew is a member of the “every country club” and finished his last country of, Saudia Arabia 3 years ago. 

Kara and Nate: Follow this couple’s journey as they attempt to visit 100 countries, documenting their experiences and providing practical advice along the way.


Indigo Traveller: Indigo Traveller, the intrepid travel YouTuber, is known for his daring exploration of off-the-grid destinations and lesser-known corners of the world. With a unique focus on visiting countries that are often overlooked by mainstream tourism, he dives into the heart of local cultures.


Lost LeBlanc: Offering stunning visuals and cinematic travel experiences, Lost LeBlanc takes viewers on immersive journeys around the globe.


The Budgeteers: Hosted by Ben, Alex, and Mark, The Budgeteers showcase how to navigate exciting destinations without breaking the bank, making travel accessible to all. 


For those who prefer to let their imagination wander, we’ve got your ears covered! Tune in to our handpicked podcasts, where narratives, travel hacks, and personal anecdotes transport you to far-flung destinations. 


Hostel Road Trip: Hosted by the leaders here at ITH, The Hostel Road Trip Podcast is one of the best for 2024. Join an educational journey into the world of hosteling with our podcast. Join us as we traverse the country, engaging in conversations with the foremost hostel operators in the industry. This podcast is your key to gaining insider insights into how hostels operate and what makes them extraordinary. 


Travel Squad Podcast: Join the Travel Squad as they share personal travel stories, uncover hidden gems, and explore the myriad aspects of globetrotting. Hosted by a dynamic team of travel enthusiasts, each episode is a virtual ticket to diverse destinations and captivating narratives. The hosts bring a blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and a genuine love for exploration, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for listeners. Expect lively discussions, entertaining anecdotes, and interviews with fellow travel enthusiasts, experts, and adventurers.


Active Travel Adventures: Get ready for thrilling travel escapades as you hike, bike, or paddle across the globe with these adventures tailored for everyday enthusiasts. Presented by Kit Parks, each episode unfolds e adventure travel experiences that cater to regular, reasonably fit individuals looking to infuse their vacations with excitement. Discover practical tips, lively anecdotes, and a wealth of inspiration to replicate these enjoyable adventures yourself. Plus, for each episode, access a complimentary adventure travel planning checklist, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your next memorable journey.


Armchair Explorer: In the Armchair Travel podcast, host Aaron Millar engages in insightful conversations with renowned explorers, inviting you to embark on journeys from the comfort of your home. This expertly produced show offers travel inspiration and a front-row seat to the adventures that shape our understanding of the world. 


Curious Tourism: Previously known as the Alpaca My Bags podcast, this show delves into various travel-related subjects, including dark tourism, sustainable travel, voluntourism, travel privilege, and the essence of authentic travel. Gain valuable insights and resources to explore the world with mindfulness.


Last but certainly not least, delve into the written wonders of travel blogs. From insightful destination guides to firsthand experiences, our chosen blogs are your literary tickets to global exploration. These blogs, written by passionate globetrotters, offer practical advice, cultural insights, and a virtual roadmap.

YouTubers podcast and blogs


Nomadic Matt: A veteran in the travel blogging sphere, Matt’s blog offers practical tips, budget advice, and destination guides for globetrotters.


The Points Guy: If you’re into travel hacking and maximizing rewards, this blog provides comprehensive guides on earning and redeeming travel points for a more cost-effective adventure.


Goats On The Road: Nick and Dariece share their journey as digital nomads, offering practical advice on making a living while traveling and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Hippie in Heels: Rachel Jones provides a unique blend of luxury travel and offbeat adventures, focusing on destinations often overlooked by mainstream tourism.


Travel TomTom: Tom Grond, the globetrotting storyteller behind the blog, invites readers to join his journey as he explores diverse destinations, shares practical travel tips, and provides firsthand insights. 


As we wrap up the best YouTubers, blogs, and podcasts in 2024, the digital landscape continues to evolve, offering endless sources of inspiration and information. Whether you’re seeking lifestyle tips, insights, or travel stories, the internet gives you the world at your fingertips. In the realm of travel, don’t forget to tune in to the ITH Hostel podcast, Hostel Road Trip,  for a unique blend of adventure tales and hostel tips. Remember, inspiration is just a click away, and the ITH is here to accompany you on your next exciting adventure!

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