A Traveler’s Guide To Best Bootcamp in SD!

Amiel Terry

It’s no secret that March is here and Spring Break is right around the corner. The sun is shining and the weather is warming up and it’s just about time to get those Spring-time bodies right. We’ve made a list of the top 3 undisputed fitness Bootcamp options in San Diego!

Indoor, outdoor, or online, we’ve got you covered with the best option from each!


Barry“Are you ready for this?!”

Barry’s Bootcamp in Hillcrest is one of the coolest hybrid workouts you will find in ALL of California. Here’s why:

  • Workout: They have very knowledgeable trainers running all-inclusive 50-60 min HIIT (high intensity interval training) bootcamp workouts that are aimed at helping you shed fat, get fit, get strong, and have more confidence in yourself and your body.
  • Equipment: All the equipment you need is provided by the gym. Taking COVID-19 into account, Barry has made it a point to provide fully sanitized and clean workout materials so that all you need to do is bring yourself and some kick ass energy to get right!
  • COVID-19 & Set-up: As I mentioned, Barry’s takes COVID-19 and the safety of their members serious. So they have taken it upon themselves to set up an outdoor work station to prevent the closed in atmosphere and have each member 6ft apart so they’re within COVID-19 regulations.

Wanna know the coolest part? They have the DOPEST staff ever. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with trainers there on a few different occasions and it’s always been such a welcoming and family type vibe. They’re just as excited for you to get fit as you are!

So take your butt on down there and get Barry-Fit! Couldn’t recognize these guys more!

All the information you need is here!


Oh man, Oh man!

You better only come here if you’re ready to turn up and have the time of your life! I know y’all have been missing the turn up. Well guess what, F45 is where the party’s at!

Rated by Vox.com as “The Best Workout You’ve Never Heard Of”, F45 is CrossFit meets HIIT meets dance party meets Functional strength training!

Here you’re going to get it all. If you like up-tempo, up-beat vibes and you need a jolt of energy F45 is the way to go. The have a dope state-of-the-art indoor facility with everything you need to burn that sweat and shape up!

At F45 they’re going to make sure you give it all until you have nothing left, but don’t worry, the trainers will be sweating right there with you. At F45 Hillcrest the staff talk the talk and walk the walk.

They are there to help you with mechanics and performance, but also to break a sweat with you and motivate you. Check them out here!

Bodied By Bah Bootcamp

And last but certainly not least, we have the Godfather of all online Bootcamps! Bodied By Bah LLC.

BahhUnderstand this, just because Bodied By Bah is online does not mean it is anywhere close to easy. Ask the 100+ participants of the online Sunday Bootcamps or the personalized training programs. One thing you will do with Bodied By Bah is work! There is no ducking the smoke on those virtual cameras!

Master trainer and Founder and CEO Moe Bah is no slouch himself either. A prolific Tri-Athlete, competing and placing all over the world in different competitions and races. Moe brings an expertise that you just don’t get at your local gym.

With his innumerable certifications, college athletics experience, and ongoing and improving workouts, you won’t get a better bang for your buck.

Bodied by Bah offers personalized training, meal plans, and fitness tracking and goal setting. Everything you could possibly need if you’re on a dedicated fitness journey is in the number one online training program out there. Bodied By Bah LLC.

Check them out!

There you go. There’s your hookup!

Go get that body right! While you’re at it, make sure to check us out at ITH!



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