9 San Francisco Instagram Spots You Need To Check Out

Ali Sullivan

This short but unique list of San Francisco Instagram spots will for sure get you inspired for your Californian adventures!

In the age of Instagram, San Francisco stands tall as a city that loves to strike a pose. From the stunning Golden Gate Bridge to the colorful charm of its neighborhoods, every corner of this metropolis is a frame-worthy moment waiting to be shared.

In this blog, we’re going to uncover nine of the best Instagram spots in San Francisco, providing you with a visual roadmap to explore the city’s hidden gems.

Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or just a casual shutterbug, these spots will have you reaching for your camera. So, join us on a visual journey as we stroll through San Francisco’s most picture-perfect Instagram spots!


1. Alta plaza

Alta Plaza is a San Francisco Instagrammable hidden gem! It’s a place you wouldn’t really think of visiting for them gram but TRUST ME when I say that your golden hour photos here will capture this San Francisco neighborhood in the most beautiful light! I took a great pink-hued photo of the sunset here and because the park has this beautiful hill you get such a nice perspective when it comes to your photography.

2. Salesforce Park


Salesforce Park

Photo taken by @leilani.jeanette

If you have a drone, you can probably get the best picture of Salesforce park itself, which makes it look like a floating garden. The garden is actually a rooftop garden located on the Salesforce building. Visit a couple of hours before golden hour to make the most out of lighting and your time there 😉

3. Union Square 

My first time at Union Square I felt like I was transported to the late ’90s, early 2000s; the architecture of the buildings really give off an antique vibe, and if your Instagram color palette are nudes and beige colors then Union Square during the day is perfect for you! You’ll find high-end stores like Louis Vuitton to use as your background for an aesthetic fashion shoot. 

4. Alcatraz 

Having a prison as a background is not very aesthetically pleasing but it sure is creative! If you want an Aesthetically pleasing photo of Alcatraz, hope on the ferry right before sundown so you can get Alcatraz Island in the back of your picture along with the golden hour hues of sundown by the water.

5. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco’s BEST Instagram spot)

Golden Gate Bridge Helicopter Ride

Photo by @andrewoptics

The beauty of The Golden Gate Bridge is that you can take amazing pictures of it from any angle, just keep in mind lighting. If you have the money to splurge, consider a Golden Gate Helicopter Tour for a unique perspective on your photography, if not, Golden Gate View Point and Battery East are dope spots to get that epic shot! 

6. Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown has such a vintage vibe that you are going to want to photograph the colors and textures of this vibrant part of town; trust me, it will really make your Instagram photos pop! If you have a lens with a big enough aperture, you can take some dope nighttime shots of the neon lights and lanterns. 

7. Umbrella Alley 

Beautiful and colorful murals adorn an alley in San Francisco’s famous, Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood making it a perfect San Francisco Instagram spot. In addition to the murals, you will find colorful balloons & umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. The entrance to the alley is free with recommended donations to support the mural artists. You can also find tickets to different tours and attractions at the Umbrella Alley

8. Embarcadero 

Embarcadero is home to many San Francisco landmarks, including The Ferry Building, and just a 15 minute walk away you can visit the iconic Coit Tower and get even more beautiful pictures of San Francisco. 

9. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park hosts The JapaneseTea Gardens and 2 waterfalls, Huntington Falls and Rainbow Falls. You can also find a greenhouse full of 800 butterflies and 10,000 species of plants from around the world! You may also want to check out our other article that talks about free and cheap things to do in San Francisco that can surely add to your San Francisco Instagram spots bucket list!

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