8 Reasons Why San Diego is the next city you should visit in 2023

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It is time to get out of the house and go travel again! If you are trying to come up with reasons why San Diego is the place to be, keep reading!

1. Work on your Surfing

Check out the ITH Surfline to see what the ocean looks like in front of ITH Beach Bungalow Hostel located right on Pacific Beach!

Rent a board, take some surf lessons, and get out there on those great summer waves. It is always a good idea to learn to surf in California. There is very little change in the weather in the summer season. You will have fun waves and warm water until October.


2. Dwell in the Urban hotspots of Little Italy & Gaslamp

reasons why san diego

Coffee Shops

There are tons to choose from all within walking distance from the ITH Hostels Downtown. Sit and people watch as you are transported by Little Italy’s quaint neighborhood vibe. Catch the old men playing bocce ball in the park, the outdoor live music performances in the plaza. There is always something happening in these busy city streets.


A great cafe two blocks from the ITH Hostel. They make all their gelato that morning and have freshly roasted organic coffee selections. It is cozy, cute, and a legit Italian food dining experience.

Night Out @ Gaslamp

Gaslamp is the hotspot for a night on the town. You can dance all night, drink and meet other party people looking for a good time.


3. Our Favorite Reason why San Diego is a must-see – Discover the Beautiful Beaches

reasons why san diego

La Jolla

Swim with the seals through clear waters as the pelicans watch from rocks out at sea. Put your head in the water, snorkel, and see the colorful fish swimming around your legs. La Jolla is beautiful and has plenty of upscale shopping as well.


This island has expansive beaches to lay out on or play a game of beach volleyball on. Enjoy the quaint shops and grab a gelato in town. The beautiful Hotel Coronado is right on the beach and is a beautiful place to feel like you have been transported into Old Hollywood.

Sunset Cliffs

If you are looking for the best place in San Diego to watch the sunset, this is it. Sit atop the cliffs and watch the sun disappear behind the ocean. Bring a blanket, it gets cold when that sun drops!

Torrey Pines

Breathtaking beaches and cliffsides stacked with beautiful homes. the sand literally sparkles because of the large quantity of mica present in the sand. You will feel like you have entered another world.

Pacific Beach

This is the place to party. ITH Beach Bungalow is located beachfront and can hook you up with surf lessons, yoga classes and places to party and socialize in this bustling beach town.

4. TJ for the Day

Tijuana is literally right next door, over the border from San Diego. There is no better culture hop than this, it’s accessible and transporting at the same time. Take a walking tour if you crave some knowledge of San Diego’s Mexican neighbor.


5. Soak up the SUN in Balboa Park

San Diego Zoo

If you can’t get enough of wildlife this is the outing for you. See animals from all over the world and enjoy one of the most well know, and acclaimed zoo’s in the world.

Balboa Park Museums + Exhibits

With the Japanese Friendship Garden and one of the most photographed greenhouses to experience along with dog meetups and other San Diego local moments, Balboa Park will gives culture in all forms.

6. Fish Tacos and Local Breweries

If not the only reason why San Diego is on your travel list, visiting a local craft brewery and having some fish tacos is something you should do multiple times!


With a location overlooking the ocean, you can enjoy your freshly caught fish and observe the water it just came from. The food is delicious with inventive preparations that will make it a seafood experience like no other you’ve had before.

Mikes Taco Club:

On Ocean Beach, this little taco shop will give you the energy and spice you need to get back out on the beach and ride those winter waves.

Ballast Point Beer

In Little Italy, this great space decked out in the Submarine, Nautical theme will allow you to appreciate the port that San Diego really is. Ships, pirates, and great beer!

Stone Beer

Another brewery which is a staple in San Diego. Try their craft brews, and the limited release selections you can only get by going to the brewery in person.

7. Water Attractions

Whale Watching

See the largest mammals on earth on their passage through the ocean. The winter months are the time of year they are passing through the San Diego Seas. Don’t miss a wave from one of these giants!

USS Midway

The USS Midway was the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century. Visit the Museum and experience the magnitude of this vessel with exhibits and activities on board, including a Top Gun movie night.


8. Catch a show

The music scene is another one of the reasons why San Diego is a great place to stop at and catch a show.

NorthPark Observatory

This venue is a repurposed movie theatre that mainly highlights big names in the electronic/techno music scene. Get lost in the artistic vibes and express yourself in this hipster crowd.

Music Box

This venue features a diverse array of talented performers, including nationally celebrated artists, local legends, and up-n-coming acts. Enjoy this phenomenal space and a night of amazing talent.


With an indie vibe and artists that question social norms, this is a venue that promotes individuality and artists with a unique expression. Experience something altogether new!


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