6 Big Bear Adventures to Experience during the Fall

Are you ready for an adventure?

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Feeling bored with the same old routine? Need some excitement to mix up the monotony? Here are some suggestions for ways to get out of your comfort zone, and get lost in Big Bear…

Rock Climbing:

Holcomb Valley – was the site for the most gold mines in southern California. You can camp, hike or off-road here. This is a great beginner level spot to get started climbing.

Castle Rock – this is a popular hike with a 500ft elevation. It has views of the lake and wildlife and has been rated as a moderately advanced hike.

North Shore Boulder Field – has been called a fun, challenging and interesting climb. These boulders range from 25-35 feet tall and there are more than 30 ways to climb up them.

Paddleboarding Big Bear Lake

Enjoy the views as you glide atop the calm waters of the lake, and are able to explore hidden coves where boats cannot go.

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– Outdoor Yoga at Castle Rock:  climb to the top for a wonderful yoga spot with a view or drop into the Big Bear Mountian Yoga Center and take a class with Colin Schour. His supportive teaching style will revitalize your comfort and inner stability.

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Mountain Biking at Snow Summit: whether you are a beginner or advanced mountain bike rider, all are welcome. There is a vast network of trails to try for all skill levels, you just need to adventure into the forest and find them.

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Off-roading on Forest Service Trails to Make Picnics: if you are looking for desert or mountains, rough terrain or more maintained roads there is a little of everything. You can work your way up and down Big Bear and find the perfect spot for a picnic or a night of camping.

Camping at Yellow Post Spots: there are 13 campsites available and it is first come first serve, so make your way out into the forest and find the campsite of your choice. There are some breathtaking views.

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