5 Ways to Get From Los Angeles to San Diego

Amiel Terry

Sometimes you need a break from the big city and the flashing lights and want to have a more chill scene. With Los Angeles giving you the Hollywood vibes, San Diego is a bit slower paces and a great place to reset.

So buckle up and we will show you 6 ways to get from Los Angeles to San Diego.


TrainingWith the Amtrak, it will take you about 3 hours total to get from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Again for people who don’t have a car, this is not a bad trade off. Adding only an extra hour, the Amtrak will leave from Union station multiple times a day in LA and will get you to San Diego for tickets starting around $37.

The best way to find immediate times and routes is just to type in “Train from Los Angeles to San Diego” in google and it will automatically pull up the Amtrak or Pacific Surfliner and trip routes.


Flights to SD can be a bit on the expensive side since the distance is so short and the plane spends a good deal amount a money for a short ride. However, United has a direct flight with no stops from Los Angeles to San Diego that takes only 52 minutes and it can run you about $150.

So if you don’t have a car and don’t want to deal with public transportation this could be a good alternative.


Everyone knows about the Greyhound, and for good reason. Greyhound gets the job done.

GreyhoyndThe bus is a little bit of a longer trip because of all of the stops and being during the day. So the bus is going to run you anywhere from $38-$70 depending on the day and time, and the trip is scheduled for 5 1/2 hours.

If you don’t have any reason to rush and you just want to vibe and cruise, then hop on that greyhound and make it happen.

Night Shuttle

Here we have a good option for the night travelers. For those who really enjoy their sleep and traveling in the night, Greyhound does offer a night shuttle.

It’ll take you about 4 hours since you are decreasing a lot of time lost in traffic, but still have to deal with stops.

This bus also leaves from Union Station so you wont have to switch up your routine much!

Road Trip

And our personal favorite!

ROADDDD TRIPPPPPP. Pack your bags and load up the car for a shot adventure of a drive to San Diego. With about 120 miles between the two, you’re looking at about a 2 hour nonstop drive from Los Angeles to San Diego.

You want to take the I-5 route and cruise on your way down. However, if you want to make the road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego a road trip in itself, make sure to check out The World Was Here First’s article on 12 dope stops along the way to San Diego.

Huntington Beach and the Los Rios District are two fabulous places you can add to your trip.

Save at ITH

There you go. All 5 of the best options to assist you on your trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. Whichever way you choose to go, when you arrive, just know you’ll have a dope time. Also make sure you stay with us at ITH when you come visit SD!



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