5 Types of Stays in Joshua Tree

Bobby Dyer
Flamingo House

Glamping in Joshua Tree (unique stays)

For those who don’t know, glamping is just a fancy term that has been coined to what is considered glamorous camping. No bugs flying in and out of your tent, no using the bathroom outside. Stay in a modern and unique styled house but also get the feel of nature.

Flamingo House is hands down one of the most modern, affordable and glamourous accommodations you can select for your glamping in Joshua Tree. Famous for it’s relaxing bath and beautiful view, travelers will not be disappointed with this cozy spot.

Camping in Joshua Tree National Park

If you want to do traditional camping in Joshua Tree, that is also very possible. The Joshua Tree National Park Site has over 600 spots that are available to you.

Based on the trends of the past, the weekend spots always fill up pretty quick. So your best best is to contact the Joshua Tree National Park Service and try to reserve a spot. Reservations for parking spots are available on a first come/first serve basis so make sure you plan ahead and book quickly.

After you do that you are free to customize your camping experience any way you want.

Hotel (Joshua Tree Inn)

Joshua Tree InnIf you don’t have an RV and you don’t want to go all the way up to glamping, then the famous Joshua Tree Inn might be just for you. This Inn is smack in the middle of the desert and you get all of the adventure vibes you need steps outside your door.

Joshua Tree Inn is a great affordable option is you want the accommodations of a comfy stay and a warm hotel space. With traditional design and high-rated service you can’t go wrong with this option.

AirBnB in Desert (ITH Coyote Ranch)

Freshly opened in January 2021, ITH officially has a Joshua Tree Location that we are super stoked for you to try out!

With the usual awesome vibes of an ITH Hostel location and big space to hang out with friends and meet new buddies, you can’t beat this deal. We are also offering a 3-Day Surf, Stargazing, and Snowboarding Tour that will give you an invaluable experience. If you want the all-in-1 adventure, we got you!

StargazingRural Camping (Hidden Valley Campground)

Finally we have the Hidden Valley Campground. If you want a good-ol tent and direct tie with nature, this is right for you.

With plenty of space right in the thick of the rocks, you can have a great adventure. Forget the Wi-Fi, the distractions, the rest of the world and just chill here with adventure. That detox and escape can be the perfect reset button you need from a crazy week!



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