5 Cool Things To Do In Joshua Tree

Amiel Terry

Integration (Spiritual)

Integration in Joshua Tree is perfect for your mental detoxing and unplugging from the chaotic world. Their dome shaped, magic facility has been coined the future of art, science, and magic.

IntegrationYou and a loved one or a buddy can go there and meditate, catch a beautiful sunset, or register for one of their infamous sound bath sessions.

Integration is where you want to be if you want to have that spiritual connection in Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree National Park (Exploring and climbing)

One thing Covid couldn’t shut down is nature! Joshua Tree National Park offers some of the biggest variety of trails and exploration routes in the all of California.

With over 8,000 climbing routes, 2,000+ boulder problems, and hundreds of natural gaps to choose from.

National Park has adventure for all levels. If you are unfamiliar with the area you are able to purchase a map at the entrance. Also, if you’re a beginner or want some guidance, you can also purchase a guided tour as well.

Pioneer Town (lunch)

PioneerWith a look similar to what the name suggests, this is an old fashion vintage spot you have to check out.

Designed by old Hollywood investors and directors, this is a one of a kind look in 2021. With 1940’s western style and good food, this fits right into the desert atmosphere. More than 50 films have been filmed here.

Some of the coolest features outside of the food and shops, are the mock gun fights and shoot outs you’ll see while exploring the town.

Joshua Tree Saloon

Joshua Tree Saloon is a one stop shop for your food, drink, and relaxation needs.

Famous for their great lunch and their delicious cocktails, this is a great place to stop while resting before or after exploring or hiking. Covid has shut down some of their big time events but the fun times are still there.

With their doors officially reopened and a calendar full of consistently updated events, you wanna make sure you stop here to get some grub and have some fun.

Invisible House Joshua Tree

On to places to stay. Foxden has some of the most famous airbnb accommodations in all of California. One of the coolest and most popular is the “Invisible House” in JT.

By glancing at the picture, I am sure you can guess why they call it the Invisible House. Made out of reflective material, you won’t be able to explain this fancy mirage until you’re up close.

IHThe 22 story horizontal giant has everything you need for a group getaway. Check it out here.



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