48 Hours In Pacific Beach

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48 Hours In Pacific Beach

How To Spend 48 Hours in Pacific Beach

It’s a Friday night, and this is your final vacation before the fall weather begins on the East Coast.

48 Hours In San Diego 1You just checked into our beachfront hostel located in Pacific Beach, San Diego. What now?

Here is the inside scoop to spending 48 hours in this happening beach town. Even during COVID-19, there is still lots to do on your vacation. As the summer quickly comes to an end, the beautiful weather will continue.


san diego hostel

3:00 PM

You check into ITH Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel.

After putting your belongings away in your room, you head out to the deck. A group of other travelers are on the hammocks looking for a place to eat tonight. You spend some time on the beach before heading out to dinner together.


san diego yoga

4:00 PM

You take a free yoga class provided by the hostel- the perfect start to your 48 hours in Pacific Beach.


san diego

7:00 PM

As the sun makes its final appearance for the day, the family barbecue at the hostel begins. Everyone watches the sunset as the grill emits delicious aromas.


48 Hours In San Diego 2

7:30 PM

You suit up as you prepare to surf for the first time. Some surfers with prior experience help you zip up your suit as you all head out to the water.

Pacific Beach Hostel

You’re nervous, but you also feel alive more than ever. The skies look like cotton candy, and the water is cold but refreshing.

9:00 PM

One of the staff from Chile is hosting s’ mores at the bonfire. Some talented musicians from Italy play a few songs with the hostel guitars.

10:00 PM

You’ve had a long day of travel, so you head to bed early- just as quiet hours begin in the common areas.


beach in san diego9:00 AM

You wake up to fresh pancakes and coffee, which you enjoy to the sound of the ocean breeze. A group of your friends and you pitch in for an Uber to see the seals in La Jolla Cove. Upon arrival, a woman is selling homemade baby outfits. You purchase the most colorful one for your nephew that’s arriving soon.


10:00 AM 

A group of your friends and you pitch in for an Uber to see the seals in La Jolla Cove. Upon arrival, a woman is selling homemade baby outfits. You purchase the most colorful one for your nephew that’s arriving soon.

11:00 AM

The seals are hilarious. You now have an insane amount of pictures of them on your phone. There’s a group of them playing in the waves while wrestling with each other. One of them is soaking in the sun, tucked away between two cliffs.


hostel dinner san diego

12:00 PM

There’s a delicious Indian restaurant nearby that you walk over to- its called Spice Lounge. The restaurant serves Basmati rice with every dish, and they offer vegan options. You order the Nawaratan Korma- a vegetarian coconut curry. The garlic naan is to die for- you dip it in the sauce from your paneer tikka masala.


la jolla cove1:00 PM

You booked a group session to go snorkeling in the bay. A fellow hostel friend has a go pro, which you use to capture some footage swimming with the seals.


el prez san diego

5:00 PM

After a long day of swimming and sunbathing, you all head back to Pacific Beach to grab some dinner.

There are tacos galore in this city. So if Mexican food is your thing, you’re in the right place. There are tons of options in San Diego, ranging from fast-food chains to smaller family-run businesses.

El Prez San Diego6:00 PM

You don’t feel like walking far (seeing as though you’re on vacation), so you head to a local spot. A group of people and yourself head out to El Prez. This bar/restaurant is located to the right of the Bungalow when you exit the hostel. You can’t miss it- the side of the building says, “Tacos, Tequila, and Sunsets.”


48 hours in pb

The bottom floor of the building has beautiful artwork painted on the walls. Perfect for snapping some photos for the gram!

48 hours in Pacific Beach

There are vegetarian taco options on the menu, and the cocktails are strong and delicious.

san diego tacos

7:00 PM

The michelada is your drink of choice, a perfect match to go with your appetizers. The hostel group and you share an order of guac and chips, as well as some cauliflower ceviche. Your second drink is a classic margarita, the perfect pair for your soyrizo, and an avocado tacos.

8:00 PM

After eating a delicious meal, you all head out to Mavericks. Although it’s not operating as usual right now, you’re still able to socialize outside at the tables.

10:00 PM

You head back to the hostel and get to know some more guests on the deck before quiet hours begin at midnight.


48 hours in pacific beach 28:00 AM

Your new friend from Brazil, Heloisa, and you share coffee and dreams as you slowly begin to wake up. It’s your last day at the Bungalow, so you get an early start.

9:00 AM

You break out the pair of Impala skates that you invested in yesterday. There’s a shop located next to El Prez, called Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop.


San Diego Best Hostel

10:30 AM

After skating down to Mission Bay and back, you pick up some picnic items at Ralphs- a quick walk from the hostel.

11:00 AM

You check out from the Bungalow after playing a game of beach volleyball. You and Heloisa are both flying out around the same time, so you spend your last day in San Diego together.


san diego hostel 6

You both head over to brunch at Crushed, located on Garnet Ave. The server recommends the Veggie Benny. It’s a delicious eggs Benedict served on portobello mushrooms. You and Heloisa share a beautiful flight of champagne.


kate sessions park

1:00 PM

Upon arrival at Kate Sessions Park, you happen upon a bunch of cute dogs frolicking with each other.

kate sessions park san diegoThe park is about a ten-minute drive from the Beach Bungalow. It’s located on top of a hill, overlooking the beautiful bay of San Diego.

2:00 PM

You and Heloisa talk about your favorite moments from the weekend, and airdrop each other photos of your time at the Bungalow.

beach picnic san diego3:00 PM

After enjoying a picnic together at the park, you uber to the airport before parting ways. The past 48 hours have been a blur of excitement and emotion. You’re exhausted, but feel as though you made the most of your short but sweet vacation.

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