48 Hours in Little Italy

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How you should spend 48 hours in Little Italy

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Looking for the ultimate adventure? Stay at our downtown hostel!

We are located in Little Italy, just a short drive away from the airport.

48 Hours In Downtown San Diego FpoThursday 5:00 pm

Upon your arrival at our downtown Hostel, you have to go check out the heart of Little Italy. It’s a short walk from the hostel. Just turn right when you go down the stairs and walk straight until you reach India street. You will see a wide selection of cute pizza shops and Italian restaurants.

7 pm

For your first dinner in Little Italy, you can’t go wrong with some classic pasta dishes from Buon Appetito. They have a delicious selection of wines from their neighboring bar. Your dinner options include a choice of homemade meatballs, vegan ravioli, lasagna, eggplant timballo, risotto all a Piemontese, and much more.

Friday 11 am

San Diego’s most chic brunch spot is on the second story of a gorgeous building, at the corner of India Street and West Date street. It’s called Morning Glory, and wow, is the name fitting! The bar is so beautiful; it’s truly a glorious sight. My friend Sabrina and I ordered the Belgian waffle, which came covered with fruit and whipped cream.

3 pm

For your next meal, all you have to do is go downstairs to find Farmer’s Table. If you opt for a later lunch/ early dinner, you can snag some of their happy hour specials. Their happy hour is from 3- 6 pm.

I ordered a blueberry basil lemonade cocktail- delicious. My friend Sabrina and I ordered the margarita pizza. Super affordable and more than enough for us to share.

For a cute photo op- there’s a giant red chair you can sit on with a few friends. As you leave the Farmers Table and turn left, you’ll see it just before the Little Italy sign.

5 pm

After your early dinner/late lunch, there are plenty of chic boutiques to shop, explore, and find something new to wear from San Diego. Located on India street is a little shop called Stroll, where you will discover bohemian-inspired clothing and accessories.

6 pm

The ideal spot to watch the sunset would be the pier. There’s a famous statue of the sailor kissing the nurse near one of the Navy ships. Before you do this, grab an ice cream from Salt and Straw. The vegan mint option is delicious!

Saturday 10 am

For your second morning in downtown San Diego, the Parakeet Cafe is the spot for you. They have an incredible selection of drinks. I would personally recommend the lavender matcha latte. Of course, the coffee is delicious if you prefer something more simple.

12 pm

On Saturdays, the farmers market in Little Italy will satisfy all your fresh food needs. From homemade bread to fresh produce and local honey, you will be all set for lunch and dinner. Some vendors have homemade meals that you can try; just make sure you wear a mask while in the market.

The farmers market is held every Saturday in Little Italy. Be sure to grab a flower bouquet from one of the local farms!

5 pm

Before hopping into an Uber and heading off to your next destination, grab a quick dinner from The Burger Lounge.

48 Hours in Little Italy will give you a lovely experience of downtown San Diego

48 Hours In Little Italy Fpo

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