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In the Information Age there is limitless data out there to collect and the travel industry has changed because of it. We are now able to obtain information from multiple sources before dipping a toe in the water. This has lead to a reliance on content producers to get the info out. This is a compiled list of the top travel blogs and influencers across the world wide web.

Backpacking Bananas – It’s Time To Move Out, A Travel Blog

This is her most popular video, and despite some shaky editing, you can truly appreciate her hands on approach to information. She doesn’t just support anyone who send her a freebie. She’s definitely a #Gryffindor to drink from that swampy water.

You gotta keep records somewhere and this is a delightful way to do so. Also, who doesn’t love those dimples. It’s really enheartening to remind ourselves that there is a whole world out there to explore.

Jumping Places – A Travel Blog Family

These guys know what’s up. Countless places in the world probably think that they are the most beautiful but these travel bloggers definitely have a case. Those infectious smiles make me want to buy a ticket now.

That seems like a real fun time. Let it all hang loose at this nude beach. There are times you wish the camera would pan a little more and there are times when you wish it would cut to black. Worth it for the tease.

William Taudien – A Decked Out Travel Vlogger

This guy knows where it’s it at. His travels throughout Mexico have been spectacular, with a particular emphasis on the Island of Woman. I hope the women videographed where aware of his presence.

Another nude beach. I’m sensing a trend. It seems that people enjoy the sun, beach, ocean, and being naked. Who knew. Everyone for all of time and that’s why these are always trending. Everyone either wants to show off, or voyeur those who do. Nice.

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