Top Beach Workouts in San Diego

Time for a walk, a run, a yoga class, or a sun soak. Here are the ways to work out right in Pacific Beach.

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Shock Fitness 

Right outside the door of the ITH Beach Bungalow, a quick walk across the sandy boardwalk is Shock Fitness. A gym deal for our guests is $2 Spa Day. No, I’m not kidding! Work out your frustrations, get yourself healthy and in gear this year with a no-excuse outlet right outside your front door. Are you a student? This is all you need for a student to stay well and fit while studying.


Birdrock Yoga

This donation-based class will allow you to do your asanas while inhaling the negative ions of the ocean of the Pacific. Monday through Thursday, meet up on Pacific Beach. If you are fortunate, you can attend a special Full-Moon class. This is California, there is no excuse to not have an amazing yoga class right outside your front door, complete with an endless summer sunset.


Surfer Deals

Want to spend your semester learning to surf? The ITH Beach Bungalow has the best surf rental deals in Pacific Beach. And the additional benefit of a lot of surfers from all over the world coming to stay and rip on the waves. You can learn with new friends, pay for a lesson or a free impromptu course. It’s time for some new adventures, at ITH we want to make it easy for you to embrace them.



Some people would call this being a lazy bum and sunbathing. But on the West Coast, we know the importance of the sun. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like running up and down the beach. The sun is very healing and you need to get some sun after sitting inside a class or work. It is said that a person needs up to 30 minutes of sun-soaking per day. So guilt-free lay out a blanket and get your Vitamin D intake for the day. You’ve earned it.




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