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With most jobs taking up 8 hours of your day and having very short amounts of vacation time, different options were bound to be explored for the people with the wanderlust bug.


Slow travel is when you stay at a location for longer periods of time than a standard vacation. It is for those that want to really live in a new place to get a more comprehensive experience as to what the place is all about.

This travel option is for the person that needs more than a week off work. It is a lifestyle movement that includes destinations others go simply for a vacation becoming your lifestyle. By working remotely or for short term periods in each location, it is possible to live, work and travel.

Why should I Slow Travel?

Do you get frustrated when you have to leave a beautiful place after a week or two?

Do you feel like there is more to experience and don’t know how you can incorporate traveling more frequently into your current lifestyle?

You have the bug. You should start looking at ways to stay living and work in that area. It is possible to live inexpensively in beautiful cities all around the world.

How Do I Slow Travel?

-Start looking into inexpensive housing options such as coliving.

This will allow your budget to not be spent on where you live as much as what you are doing in the city. You went to explore not to have an apartment. This option also allows you to get immersed in a culture fast since you are around people from all over the world.

-Find out about volunteering options

This can cover a lot of expenses and decrease the amount you need in your budget to go. If you volunteer with a company, you get experience and free amenities that would have cut into your adventure budget.

-Figure out your number

How much do you really need to live in this location? Knowing this will set you at ease on your travels and allow you to enjoy the experience. Keep in mind you will most likely learn some tricks when you get there from locals that regular tourists might not, since you will have the time.

But it does take time to get used to a new place. Plan for that so you don’t stress yourself out and ruin your experience.

-Get a Job

Part-time jobs are pretty easy to find, there is always someone hiring. The only time you need to make sure you can find work beforehand is when you are going to a place that you cannot speak the language.

See if there are some remote options or jobs that will allow you to get something in exchange that is not money. Getting free meals, for example, is a great way to minimize costs.

And that’s it, get going! Just knowing that this is an option and you do not have to wait until you have tons of savings to travel is a great option for those that are sick of living in one place. You can travel months at a time and make money as you do it. This is not a new way to live, but it is seeing a revival.

ITH wants to be part of your journey!

Get slow traveling by looking into coliving while you come to live in San Diego for a while.


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