Save Money & Have Fun: ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel Backpackers Guide to LA

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Save money, savor the sun-soaked bliss of Hermosa Beach, and dive into the hidden gems with our backpackers’ guide to LA.


Welcome, wanderers, to the glimmering city of angels, where the palm trees sway the Pacific breeze, and the Hollywood sign shines to dreamers worldwide. Los Angeles, the epitome of glitz, glamour, and sprawling landscapes, is a cinematic adventure waiting to unfold. For backpackers with stars in their eyes and a budget to uphold, the quest for affordable accommodations becomes a crucial chapter.


In the realm of budget-friendly havens, we’ve uncovered a coastal gem that promises savings and a sun-kissed escape – ITH Surf City Hostel Hermosa Beach. Because, let’s face it, why settle for just any accommodation when you can wake up to the sound of crashing waves and the promise of adventure right outside your doorstep? 


Join us through this backpackers’ guide to Los Angeles, where the golden sands of Hermosa Beach meet the affordability of ITH Surf City Hostel. Get ready to trade the glitz for some beachside bliss without breaking the bank!


ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel: A Coastal Haven for Backpackers

Embrace the sunshine of LA at ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel, your ultimate coastal haven in the heart of Los Angeles. Right beside the golden sands of Hermosa Beach, this hostel isn’t just a place to rest your weary head; it’s a front-row seat to the Pacific coastline of California. With easy access to the sun, surf, and citywide activities, this prime location transforms your stay into an adventure where every sunrise promises a new coastal escapade.

backpackers guide to LA

But the magic doesn’t stop at the shoreline; ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel takes the spotlight as a central hub for explorers. Offering a convenient base for navigating Los Angeles, it opens the door to key attractions and vibrant neighborhoods. And as if that’s not enough to make you pack your bags, the cherry on top lies in the cost-effective accommodations. Designed with budget-conscious travelers in mind, ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel proves that affordability and beachside bliss can indeed go hand in hand. 


Get ready to experience Los Angeles in all its coastal glory without breaking the bank!


Los Angeles for a Weekend

Get ready to set foot on a budget-friendly rendezvous through the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles with our weekend guide designed for savvy travelers.


Backpackers’ Guide to LA: Day 1

Day one invites you to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes as you explore the charm of Hermosa Beach. Dive into the Pacific, soak up the sun, and indulge in affordable beachfront dining options that tantalize your taste buds without emptying your wallet.


Be sure to stay for the sunset; that’s the best part! 

Backpackers’ Guide to LA: Day 2

We’re taking you on a Central LA Excursion as day two unfolds. Jump on the bus and explore the city’s popular neighborhoods, where each street corner holds the potential for budget-friendly adventures. From iconic landmarks like the infamous Hollywood sign, Staples Center, and Walk of Fame, this shows you that you don’t need a blockbuster budget to experience the best of Los Angeles.

Backpackers’ Guide to LA: Day 3

Just when you think the excitement might wane, day three unveils the city’s hidden gems and local delights. Venture off the beaten path, discovering the lesser-known treasures that make Los Angeles truly magical, such as The Last Bookstore, Green Qween, or Abbot Kinney Boulevard. End your day by fueling your exploration with a sampling of local cuisine that delights your palate while keeping your budget intact. 


As the sun sets over the Pacific, let’s take a moment to rewind through the golden sands and city streets that made our backpackers guide to LA the best trip ever. With a prime location beside the beach, easy access to the heart of Los Angeles, and accommodations tailored for savvy travelers, this coastal haven proved that budget-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on the thrill of exploration.


To my fellow backpackers, consider this your call to arms—the call to embrace the budget-friendly experience that ITH Surf City Hermosa Beach Hostel has in store. It’s not just about saving dollars; it’s about trading them for moments of beachside bliss, excursions, and hidden gems that paint Los Angeles in hues of affordability and excitement.


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