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Discover the perfect blend of flavor with the Santa Barbara Roasting Company and their partnership with ITH. Read on to learn about their coffee initiatives and the rich stories behind every cup.


Have you ever dreamed of waking up to freshly roasted coffee with the promise of adventure lingering in the air? Well, dream no more because the Santa Barbara Roasting Company and ITH Hostels have teamed up to bring you the ultimate coffee experience! Imagine starting your day at ITH Santa Barbara Beach Hostel, where every morning begins with a cup of the finest brew. It’s the best way to start your day with a taste of the local culture and a sip of sunshine in a mug.


When combined, the craftsmanship that goes into every roast and the passion shared by both of our companies create a memorable experience. Whether you’re a savvy traveler or a coffee enthusiast, join us as we celebrate the highlights of the Santa Barbara Roasting Company and the partnership with ITH Hostels. 


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Where is the Santa Barbara Roasting Company

The Santa Barbara Roasting Company is a coffee company located in Santa Barbara, California. It’s a place where coffee beans are roasted to perfection in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Known locally as “RoCo,” the company has been serving customers since 1989 with a dedication to providing the finest estate-grown coffees from around the world. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just enjoy a good cup of joe, the Santa Barbara Roasting Company is a destination for anyone who appreciates great coffee.


Company Mission 

The mission of the Santa Barbara Roasting Company is simple: to provide coffee lovers with the perfect cup of java that complements any atmosphere. They’re passionate about roasting coffee and take pride in slowly roasting all of the beans in small batches. As a Micro Roaster, they focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each batch, no more than 50 pounds, is roasted to perfection. Unlike many other roasters, the Santa Barbara Roasting Company air cools beans instead of water quenching them, allowing water to be added for the freshest taste possible. The packaging also ensures that the coffee degasses without losing any flavor, resulting in a rich and aromatic experience with every sip. 


History of the Company 

The history of the Santa Barbara Roasting Company started in September 1989, when it first opened its doors to the public. Right from the outset, the company stood out as unique compared to other roasting companies in the area. Fondly dubbed ‘RoCo’ by the locals, derived from the initial letters of ‘RO’asting ‘CO’mpany, RoCo swiftly carved a name for itself as a company devoted to the finest estate-grown coffees from across the globe, coupled with unwavering customer service.


Now, it is known as one of the best roasting companies in California, thanks to its sustainability, dedication, uniqueness, and friendliness in every aspect. ITH is happy to partner with it as we share many of the same values and business goals. 


Coffee Varieties 

The Santa Barbara Roasting Company offers an extensive selection of coffee, boasting over 70 varieties. They include different blends, single origins, flavored options, decaf, and naturally grown coffees. Their naturally grown coffee collection lies in a fusion of varietals sourced from three approaches to coffee cultivation. Each blend within their naturally grown line combines organically grown, shade-grown, and fair-trade coffees. The organically grown beans are nurtured without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring purity and sustainability. 



Partnering with ITH 

The Santa Barbara Roasting Company has partnered with us at ITH Beach Hostel in Santa Barbara, and we now serve coffee onsite! At ITH Beach Hostel Santa Barbara, you are treated to a flavorful experience in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, in addition to sustainable and locally sourced products. Whether starting the day with a fresh brew or winding down with an evening pick-me-up, staying at ITH Beach Hostel Santa Barbara can elevate your adventure with high-quality coffee.


In conclusion, Santa Barbara Roasting Company has made its mark on the community and world of coffee. Their partnership with ITH Beach Hostel delivers exceptional brews and embodies a commitment to positivity. Next time you stay at ITH, remember to get yourself an espresso or latte of Santa Barbara Roasting Company’s coffee, a perfect complement to your California adventure!

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