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9 ITH Destinations Across North America

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Designed for travelers planning to travel for 15 to 30 days

30-Day Membership
You have 30 days from your selected start date to use the Nomad Pass Membership advantages at any ITH location.

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  • Free Nomad Pass T-Shirt
  • Customized Member Card
  • 20% Off On Direct Booking
  • 50% Off All Rentals Offered at ITH (Surfboards, Bikes, etc.)

*Any modifications made to the plan will incur a $10 fee

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    How The Nomad Pass Works

    When you apply for the Nomad Pass, you are joining more than just a regular club. You are joining a global community of world travelers who share a passion for visiting beautiful destinations and experiencing local culture.

    The way the Nomad Pass works is easy. You pay a 30-day membership and from your selected start date you will have access to a 20% discount on all direct bookings while your pass is valid. Additionally, the Nomad Pass membership gives you 50% off any gear rental (bikes, surfboards etc.) at all the ITH locations. You will also receive an exclusive Nomad Pass Member shirt and a personalised membership card. This pass is ideal for digital nomads and travelers who are planning a longer stay in California or Mexico and want to save on lodging and activities.

    Why Purchase The Nomad Pass?

    Find the perfect bed at a 20% lower rate
    Communal Facilities
    We have everything you need
    Cowork Space
    Working comfortable at the hostel
    We are here to connect you with the best experiences
    Join our global network of travelers
    Exclusive Deals
    On-site discounts for rentals and other offers

    Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


    I have a question and/or specific requirement. Who can I chat with before I join the Nomad Pass?

    You can email us at [email protected].

    How many nights is a row can I stay at one ITH location?

    You can stay up to 14 nights per month at each location. The Coyote Ranch in Joshua Tree does have a minimum stay of 30 nights.

    How do I book my stays?

    Once you get the Nomad Pass, you will be given a personal promo code with your confirmation email to book your stays directly on the ITH website.

    What rooms are included in the Nomad Club?

    The Nomad Pass is designed for travelers looking to save money and explore! We offer a variety of dorm and private room options at each location.

    How do I get around to the different ITH locations?

    Flexibility is the purpose of a Nomad. We leave the travel options up to you based on your timeline and budget. We recommend using planes, Flix Bus, Amtrak, or Greyhound Bus as the best option for travel.

    We do offer a hostel shuttle service between few locations. Please contact the location directly to see the latest hostel bus schedule.

    Can I stay the last 14 nights at one location, leave for a night, and then come back for 14 nights the next month?

    No. As a Nomad, we want to encourage you to keep exploring. If you have stayed 14 nights at one location, you must wait the next month to return to the same location. If you are planning to stay in the same location for 30 days or more check out our CoLiving deals!

    If I book a Private Room, can I bring guests to the room?

    The additional guest can share your private room and enjoy all the facilities.

    Please note: The number of occupants can not exceed the room types’ occupancy limitation as shown on the booking page. The majority of private rooms at ITH can only accommodate up to 2 guests.

    How much storage space do you have?

    We do have limited storage space. You are welcome to bring up to 2 suitcases or bags with you.

    Do you offer long-term luggage storage?

    Every ITH provides free luggage storage on the day of your check out. Additional luggage storage is sometimes available for $5 per day, please contact the location directly to see if they can accommodate your needs.

    What is offered with in your communal kitchen?

    We love cooking and know how comfortable it is to cook your own food on the road. We keep our kitchen fully stocked with the essential cooking equipment to make your own meals.

    How is your CoLiving different from the Nomad Pass?

    Our Coliving rooms are available year-round at limited locations and just for part of the year at most of them. Coliving is a month-to-month option for travelers that are planning to stay for at least 30 days at one location for a fixed price.

    The Nomad Pass holders are welcome to stay anytime at all ITH locations and have the flexibility to move from an hostel to another during their 30-day membership. Nomad Pass holders have access to discounted rates on rooms and gear rentals for 30 days. The maximum number of nights per location is of 14 nights per month.

    When can I use my Nomad Pass?

    Your Nomad Pass will allow you to book a bed at a discounted price for the 30 days following the start date that you selected at the time of the purchase.

    You can start to book your stays for your chosen membership period as soon as you receive your Nomad Pass confirmation email.

    You cannot use your Nomad Pass discount to book a stay that goes over your 30-day membership period even if you book it while your membership is still active.

    Do I have to move locations when I start my Nomad Club travels??

    The Nomad Club is designed to allow you to easily live in multiple destinations inside one community, however, this is not a requirement. You can stay in one destination for up to 14 days per month throughout the duration of your membership.

    Is there a minimum amount of days that I must stay at one location?

    No. You are welcome to book 1 night if that works best for you.

    Gear Rental

    How can I rent the hostel's gear using my Nomad Pass discount?

    At the time of the rental show to the receptionist your Customised Member Card to get 50% off the rental price. If you are not in possession of your Customised Member Card you can still have access to the discount providing your ID card to the receptionist to verify your membership.

    Cowork Spaces

    What is the Wifi speeds at your locations?

    We know how important good wifi is. We prioritize providing you with the fastest wifi we can find for each destination. WiFi speeds do vary depending on the destination as well as the local infrastructure. The average WiFi speed for ITH in the United States is 30 MB and ITH in Mexico is 20 MB.

    Are the Coworking areas open 24 hours?

    Yes, you are welcome to use our facilities 24 hours a day if you are a registered guests. We do close some areas in the evenings for general cleaning.

    Modifications & Cancellations

    I need to modify my booking, will I be charged?

    If you want to modify a reservation, please rely on the ITH location’s cancellation policy. Usually the ITH cancellation policy allows you to cancel your reservation and have a full refound until the 48 hours prior to the check-in.

    I need to modify my Nomad Pass start date, will I be charged?

    If you need to change your Nomad Pass membership start date, you can do it before the currently selected start date for a $10 fee sending an email at [email protected] with the subject line “URGENT – NOMAD PASS START DATE MODIFICATION”.

    What is the cancellation policy for the Nomad Pass?

    The Nomad Pass is non-refundable.

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