3 Great Beginner Surf Spots in San Diego

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3 Great Beginner Surf Spots In San Diego

Where To Surf In San Diego

No San Diego trip is complete without visiting some of the beach beaches to learn to surf. A majestic, yet addictive sport, surfing is the favorite thing to do in Southern California. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of catching a wave, salty mist or the endless San Diego sunshine, few experiences compare to riding the waves.

For beginners, here are three beaches that offer great starter waves:

La Jolla Shores

A mile-long beach shielded by the La Jolla Bay, this beach provides gentle waves, with the perfect amount of power for starters. The basic beach break makes the waves reliable and predictable, easing surfers into the sport. The diversity of the reef gives a range of surfing conditions, making this beach popular for surfers of all experience levels.

Beachgoers also enjoy year-round lifeguards, bathrooms, and showers facilities.

Surfing In La Jolla


Tourmaline Surf Park

A mile north of Pacific Beach’s Crystal Pier, Tourmaline Surf Park offers a mellow break that holds well, allowing beginners ample opportunity to catch their first wave. Coastal cliffs shoot up 47 feet, creating a natural block from the wind, but allowing swells to come in from all directions. There are great facilitates near the parking lot and sidewalk that traverse the cliff top.

A local favorite, Tourmaline offers a taste of the authentic surf culture, camaraderie, and even old-timers to captivate you with past tales of surfing glory.

Tourmaline San Diego


Pacific Beach

Part of the longest continuous stretch of beach in California, Pacific Beach sits in between Pacific Beach’s Crystal Pier and north of the Mission Bay Jetty. Less crowded than the popular Mission Beach, this spot makes it easy to catch waves.

A friendly surf venue, the waves and sandy bottom are great for beginning surfers and boogie boarders alike.

Pacific Beach San Diego

Surf in San Diego, Let’s go Together!

Surf San Diego

Everyone should experience the feeling of walking on water at least once, which is why we regularly host surf sessions for our guests at our Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel. Not only do guests avoid the hassle of surfing alone, but they also join a lively group of other travelers to share in the experience.

At ITH, we believe that experiences are best when shared with others, which is why we developed a community atmosphere, including complimentary shared meals and daily activities.

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