staying in a hostel san diego

Why Stay In A Hostel?

The hotel vs hostel debate is a very real struggle for many travelers. Outdated ideas of hostels see them as places for young travelers looking for budget stays and parties, but these notions are now being replaced by a new breed of hostel that have all the amenities and style of hotels, but with the added social bonuses of a hostel.


If you’re on the fence about whether to stay in a hostel or not, here are some pros that might make the decision easier.


Hostels Help You Connect With Other Travelers


hostels connect people

Guiding guests on a hike along the cliffs at Torrey Pines


At their core, hostels are social hubs. Unlike hotels where travelers are confined to their own segregated rooms, hostels allow guests to socialize with each other in stylish communal areas and with plenty of events to join in with – from quizzes and dances to fancy dress parties.


Hostel bars are no longer places to get drunk on the cheap, and are instead moving into spaces where like-minded travelers can connect over a beer or two.


The best part is that guests are ready and willing to meet people. They’re on the hunt for travel buddies and good conversations after a day exploring.  Inside hostels you can often find communal lounges, bars, and kitchens providing the perfect, laid back atmosphere to make friends.

Hostels Let You Get to Know a Place on a Local Level


hostel san diego

Cliff jumping with guests at a local favorite spot


Many hostels run free tours and budget trips for guests to get involved in, from city bar crawls to adventurous day trips to major attractions.


The staff are often locals who know the destination inside out and can offer insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your trip. You can also find a large majority of hostels in the raw, up-and-coming districts of a city, rather than the central hubs, meaning there is ample opportunity to get to know the local neighborhoods on a more intimate level.


Hostels Cater to a Wide Audience


family hostel

Our Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge is family friendly


No longer the meeting point for young travelers, hostels are branching out to reach a wider audience. Upmarket designs and luxury facilities mean that plenty of older travelers and even families can get more out of a hostel stay than a hotel.


Independent travelers of all ages check into hostels every day to create local connections and to peel back the layers of a place in a way that hotels don’t allow.


Hostels Are Cheaper Than Hotels With the Same Facilities


hostel private room san diego

Private Double Bed Room at San Diego’s Eco Farm House


Though most hostels are considerably cheaper than their hotel counterparts, they still provide the same services and amenities as those pricier places. The vast majority of hostels have luxury bars, lounge areas, WiFi, and serve meals throughout the day.


What’s more, hostels encourage you to save money in creative ways, like providing communal kitchens where you can cook local food with new-found friends.


Hostels give travelers of all ages and backgrounds the chance to get beneath the skin of a place, by providing a hub for creating like-minded connections, offering opportunities to get to know a city with locals through trips and tours, and are a great way to save money without compromising on quality and amenities. What’s not to love?