WHEN should I Travel to San Diego?

"Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All you have to do is call;
And I'll be there,
You've got a friend"
-Carole King

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San Diego is a great town, all year round. Whether it be hot beachy days or breezy fall hikes, San Diego has something beautiful to offer for every changing season.


The weather is warm and the days are long so you can get your sunny vitamin D for most of the day. The beach weather officially starts in May, so get out your bathing suit, learn to surf, this is the time of year to enjoy the sun and the sea. It is also the time of year for Conferences in San Diego, so when you need a break from the sun, go learn something new, network and find like minds of your profession to commiserate with.


This is the high season for San Diego beaches. It gets crowded, so go early in the day if you want to avoid the crowds. If you enjoy people watching however, this is a great time to lay out your towel on the sand with all the other sun worshippers of the summer months. Need a break from the sun (and you definitely will) in the middle of the day? Stop into some of the local beach bars and grab a drink to keep you cool. Then hit the shoreline again.


The best time to come to San Diego is in the fall months. It is also the favorite for the locals because it is not as crowded but, being southern Califonia, it still gets hot on the beach. The warm weather from the Santa Ana winds keeps a gentle breeze going as you enjoy the blazing desert sun. With the best of both, great deal and rates, fall is the hidden gem season to visit San Diego.

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This is when the people who really have winter-itis (aka snow and cold, gray weather misery) come to the sunny coast for some nice weather. It’s not as hot as the other seasons but it is still warm enough to wear a tee-shirt when the sun blazes hot in the middle of the day. The average temperatures range from 50-60 degrees Farenheight this time of year. You can find amazingly good deals to come during this slower time of the year. It is a great time to book a conference and get out of town. Also, winter is Whale Watching Season in San Diego! With the large kelp forest just offshore, you can take a boat tour and see these beautiful mammals up close from December to April.

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