What events are happening this February in San Diego?

This February is all about culture, laughs and bettering the world, starting in San Diego!

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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Films with purpose. On February 1st, educate yourself on the subjects filmmakers are making a point to talk about and get people to watch. Inform yourself about what you do not know so that you can help make a positive change in this world. You will feel more accomplished just from being informed.

Theatre Week

From February 13-23, the performers come out to play in San Diego. With this week, the excuse is ready-made to introduce some artistic culture to your visit. Check out what is playing in the area and enjoy a discounted price. There is nothing better than a live performance and now is the time to take advantage and see what’s up and coming on the West Coast.

Music Performances

Does a chance to go see live music ever get old? If we are in agreement and the answer is no, check out the Live Music Venues that San Diego is known for this February. There is a style of spectacle and a genre for everyone.


The American Comedy Company will be rolling out some huge opportunities for laughs this month. Whether you are looking for a free open mike night, or a stand-up act to have you falling off your chair, if you are looking for a night of laughs, you need not look any further.

Mermaid Half Marathon

Get back into shape this year with the Mermaid Half-Marathon Event on February 8th. If you are getting back into healthy habits or if you always go running in whatever city you are in, this is a way for you to get involved in San Diego’s running scene. There are plenty of events to choose from; the Mermaid Dash for sprinters, and a 5K and 10K for those that don’t tire quickly.


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