What?! Artist Super Couple In San Diego!

Amiel Terry
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What is up all of my travelers and residents? I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day weekend and cool and relaxing President’s Day. As we all know, San Diego is famous for it’s diversity, art, and super talented people. With Valentine’s Day just passing, I wanted to highlight one of the coolest couples in all of San Diego!

Leah and Shaka!


A little background on our superstars. Leah and Shaka are were actually both residing in the east coast DMV area when they met. Each was in a long relationship prior that didn’t work out and trying to navigate the next steps in life when they found each other.

Hitting it off fairly early and fairly easily, they fit right into each other’s lives at the perfect time. They continued doing the dating thing until they felt their time in the DMV had run it’s course. After some craziness in Maryland, they decided it was time to take the next step and go on an adventure. ROAD TRIPPPPPPPP!

Both possessing spirits free and guided by their intuition, they decided to pack their stuff and move cross country to our lovely San Diego Paradise.

Leah – The Gifted Artist

IMG 7827Leah is a gifted and talented super artist that paints from inspirations she finds in her everyday life, dreams, or constantly racing thoughts. Being an artist for as long as she can remember, she’s developed the skills necessary to create work that really exhibits the emotion and feeling of whatever one can’t really relay with words in her work.

Her art and work matches her spirit and it is some of the most expressive work you’ve ever seen. For about the past year she’s been showcasing her work at The Studio Door in Hillcrest. This will actually be her final month there until she transitions on her own to her next big project. So lucky for all you readers she is having a MASSIVE SALE!

IMG 7826If you need a mural, canvas, commission, or just want to support her art and help contribute to her next big project you can check out a lot of her work on her website here.

Another great place to meet and interact with Leah is on her Instagram where you can see more of her work, hit her up about purchasing a piece, or getting a commission done. I’m telling you guys now, you better hop on while the prices are low during this sale. She’s big time and you definitely want a Leah Bassett piece in your collection!

Shaka – Musical Genius

Ahh! What to say about Shaka the “Mystery Man”. Think Bob Marley fused with a majestic lion and throw in a little Andre 3 Stacks with a mystic wolf. Those ingredients will get you right around a good gist of Shaka Man.

IMG 7823Shaka is a kindred spirit. A man of love and embrace.

The way you will best access that is through his music. A master on the drums, a maestro on most strings, and slowly, but surely, developing a melodic voice to match, Shaka Man does it all.

The most interesting thing about being present during on of Shaka’s performances or just being in the space while he’s doing his thing, is the presence. It is almost as if his music is a representation of his personality, it has so much impact but fits right in place.

It is the type of experience if you hire him to play background music at an event, you will hear and feel every note played as it relaxes you, but you can still hear the whispers of the person next to you without straining your ears. Basically, it’s art *mic drop*.

IMG 7825That is the magic of having Shaka play at an event for you. Whatever vibe you desire can be matched and whether if be rocking out a few songs or you want to hire him to curate a Lo-Fi type soothing feeling for your yoga class, company event, or important gathering, There is no better one man show that will fill the ambiance of your space than Shaka.

Lucky for you folks, Shaka is also having a Black History Month sale on rates for performances and bookings. As long as you book in the month of February, you can get those prices locked in. Best place to find him and lock in your spot is via DM right here.

All that being said, you’re welcome for the hookup and getting you guys hip.

The best things about these two, is that they’re just really cool freaking people. Make sure you support them and check them out.

Come stay with us as you check out Leah and Shaka!



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