What are the top 3 dive bars to try in San Diego?

Best Vibes, Best Deals, Best Late-Night Grub

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Waterfront Bar & Grill in Little Italy

This is San Diego’s Oldest Tavern. You can take care of all your late-night food cravings with burgers, corndogs or breakfast for dinner. If you show up at the beginning of the week their promos are a great way to make your dollar stretch further…

Monday’s Mules + Wings:

$5 Absolute Mules, 75 cents for Wings

Tuesday’s Tacos:

Fish/Carne Asada/Chicken $2, Shrimp/Special Tacos $4

Wednesday’s Sliders:

So cheap, they may as well be free! That’s what they say, and considering the deals mentioned above, I am willing to believe them.

No matter what day you show up, however, every night of the week you can get a beer for $5. Which makes it the best deal Downtown, consistently.

Nunu’s Bar in Hillcrest

This bar has all the divey charm you could ever want. This old school bar will take you back to the infamous 1960s with a jukebox to jam to the Kinks or the Flaming Lips.

The kitchen and bar stay open until 1 or 2 AM every night, meaning it’s dependable when you are looking for a place to be open, inexpensive and tasty at midnight. It is a Hillcrest favorite go-to bar that has a spacious patio area and friendly staff that only a local joint can offer.

Lahaina in Pacific Beach

A tiny little beach hut with a deck that overlooks the ocean, and a name that means “Cruel Sun,” this is the ultimate place to amp up your beach bum vacation lifestyle.

Get a spot to watch the sunset on the deck as you enjoy a drink with friends new and old. This watering hole is a local favorite so you will inevitably make friends with people that come here all the time. Ask the staff about their favorites, they will not disappoint.

Happy Hours: 5-7 PM Every Day

$10 Pitchers

Food is Mexican/Pub Style


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