How to Have a Romantic Winter Escape to Big Bear

The Top 3 Most Romantic Things to Do in Big Bear this Winter

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Everything about the mountains is mystical in the snow. So enjoy the stillness of snowfall and the warmth of a cabin with the windows frosted around the edges. Every picturesque moment is yours to behold!

The 3 ways to have a Romantic February Getaway to Big Bear…

1. Valentine’s Weekend Getaway

Close enough to both LA, San Diego and Las Vegas to be quick, thoughtful and maintaining its charm. Whisk your lover to a quick getaway in the mountains. The drive will not be terrible and you will get to be isolated in a transporting scenery for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

2. Weddings 

Imagine it, a lodge-style wedding complete with a fire in the hearth.


A bride walking through the snow as gently glimmering Christmas lights adorn the pine trees.

No matter what style you go for, having a wedding in Romantic February at the ITH Big Bear Lodge will make a magical day for anyone that wants the silent beauty of winter for their special day.

3. Yoga Retreats 

Enchanting winter will inspire inner reflection this February. Block out the city noise and rediscover the joy of being removed and away from all the distractions. Recenter and found out what you need to get motivated in the year 2020. Here is a List of Yoga Retreats Happening in February and an article including more events happening this winter in Big Bear.

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Call ITH Big Bear Lodge for discounted rates on a wedding or retreat group!



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