Valentine’s Day Getaway: 3 Reasons to Choose Big Bear

While we are still putting on the finishing touches on Christmas and welcoming the New Year, it’s hard to even think of the notorious red rose and chocolate flavored holiday.


But Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!


Hard to think about we know. That’s why we are here to help. Leave behind the stress and let us plan a memorable getaway at our International Traveler’s House Big Bear Mountain Adventure Lodge.


Here are the top three reasons why this is the best destination for you this Valentine’s Day:


1) Variety of Activities


With countless adventures waiting to be explored, it’s almost impossible to get bored up here. In fact, many of the activities you can do year round. If you are a skier or snowboarder, we invite you to tackle the mountain. After all, we are less than a mile away from the best skiing in Southern California.


For those who prefer outdoor views to a large-scale adrenaline rush, enjoy a scenic nature walk in the San Bernardino National Forest. You can even get a bird’s eye view through a helicopter tour. Few sights compare to a snow capped forest scene. There is also an immense beauty in the stillness of winter.


Many of our guests choose to enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountain with a cup hot cacao while sitting by the fire in our lodge. There’s something magical about the combination of hot beverages and a big crackling fire. Additionally, we are always stocked with hot chocolate and tea.


If you need more ideas, connect with our incredible hosts at the lodge or check out our Guide to Winter Activities for help finalizing your itinerary.



2) Affordability


We know your aren’t flush with cash this time of year. Christmas always seems to drain funds. You are just starting to recover by the time the February rolls around. It’s hard to commit to an extravagant affair on a tight budget.


When you choose an International Traveler’s House (ITH) Property, you don’t have to sweat breaking the bank. We are your affordable lodging option!


Not only do we provide the most affordable lodging on the mountain, we also serve up a FREE dinner and breakfast everyday. You read that right: FREE. It’s our way of ensuring you have an incredible experience. It also helps a lot in the finance department.


For extra budget saving tips, check out our Guide to a Big Bear Valentine’s Day on a Budget.


3) Proximity


You only have so much time to devote to travel. If you live in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Santa Barbra or Las Vegas area, Big Bear is a short drive. That leaves more time for actually enjoying your getaway. Too often we commit ourselves to entire productions when we only have a weekend.


Don’t do that.


Choose an incredible destination that is close to home. This maximizes your time to do activities that are memorable. It’s pretty much the difference between enjoying you destination over just getting there.


The International Traveler’s House Difference


At ITH, we go above and beyond to provide the best Big Bear and San Diego accommodations. When you stay with us, you are choosing more than lodging. You are choosing an unforgettable experience. From meeting with likeminded travelers from around the world to sharing meals, we are convinced that after one stay with us you will never go back to “traditional” travel experiences.