Traveling Soon? Hostels vs. AirBnB vs. Couchsurfing

Here’s the break down of Pros and Cons for each to find the best type of accommodation for your adventure

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HOSTELS: the place to connect with people


Affordable single/group travel, community activities/tours, meals & housekeeping are included, and it is fully staffed with a receptionist available on-site to answer any travel questions as they arise, THe biggest draw of this option is getting to meet other travelers


There is minimal privacy in spaces that are shared with other people

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AIRBNB: the place for a unique accommodation


There are options for single or group travel and diverse/local/sometimes quirky locations to choose from. You can be in a tree, a tiny house or a posh apartment; the sky’s the limit!


Communication with your host is mostly done virtually which can cause problems. It can also get expensive with additional cleaning fees and taxes depending on where you’re going


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COUCH SURFING: the place to mingle with locals


It is free to join this community and engage with incredible local hosts that connect you into the aspects of the area that only locals know about


There is no certainty on where you will be sleeping, it could be the couch, floor or a bed; and since this is free to join community people usually choose guests from their referrals. If you are new it may be hard to find accommodations until you establish yourself within the community


Do you know how you want to go see your next destination now?




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