Traveling soon? Hostel vs. AirBnb vs. Couchsurfing

Amiel Terry

Traveling to a new place can be daunting at times. One of the most difficult things to figure out is a place to stay. Unfortunately, it can be super stressful and almost as expensive as the trip itself, if you don’t know where to look.

But you know us at ITH and know we got your back. So if you’re traveling soon here are three alternatives to expensive hotels. Hostels, AirBnb, and Couchsurfing. Which will you pick?


BeachSo a hostel is probably your best bet if you’re looking for the best all around experience. A hostel is a big shared community where you can meet other travelers and nomads, while also enjoying your stay. The difference between a hoStel and a hotel is a few things:

  1. You have access to shared common areas: living room, kitchen, dining room, reading/relaxation room, smoking room, etc. The possibilities vary and are endless with hostels.
  2. Multiple rooming options: In hostels you can have rooms that you share with up to 12 to 16 people if you want to stay really cheap while getting to know some dope people. But you also have the opportunity to have less people in your room or even have private rooms if you want.
  3. Utilities: Most hostels have shared bathrooms. They’re typically deep cleaned on a shift basis. Some privates have their own bathrooms though.
  4. Stay: The stays with hostels are so variable and flexible. You can sign up for a nightly stay, monthly stay, or extended stay if you want to slow travel and really get some great memories and friends.
  5. Memories and Friends!: The greatest feat about hostels is that each is typically privately owned. They’re privately owned and always always have their own theme, hand picked staff, and vibe to them. There will be parties, outings, trips, game nights, you name it!

AfSounds like a pretty dope gig huh? Come check out ITH Hostels if you really want to have a great experience.


AirBnb is probably the most popular and heard of recent way for travel. AirBnb’s are almost always geared toward private groups, couples, or people.

That being said, with AirBnb you will have options for some of the most beautiful and unique places to stay that you have ever seen. The options range from small rooms in people’s homes, to massive 22 story horizontal glass mansions!

Millionaires, designers, architects, a multitude of people list their homes on AirBnb. If you want a unique and personalized experience with beautiful options you have to check out AirBnb.

InvisiOne of our suggestions for California is the Invisible house in Joshua Tree!


Couchsurfing has been becoming increasing popular with the nomads and the long time travelers. If you fit into the vibe of traveling place to place while telling stories, then couchsurfing may be for you.

Almost always for free, if you’re comfortable staying with people in their homes and sharing your awesome stories of travel and adventure, you could have a great time.

There is a digital platform that screens all of the hosts and travelers to ensure that both parties are safe and you can network work a community there. This is a simple, humble, and effective way to keep your costs low and travel for free, while sharing your experiences with your hosts and making some dope connections.

CouchsurfingCheck out!

There are your suggestions for types of places to stay! Which is your favorite?

If you choose hostel, definitely come check us out at ITH!



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