This is Winter in San Diego

Big Waves, Bright Sun and Beachside Campfires

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Let’s face it, there are people that can hack the cold, and people that just don’t want to get out of bed if it is. For the later of you, I recommend a quick trip to San Diego to warm your brittle bones.

What’s in store for you in San Diego in the middle of the winter?


During the coldest part of the year, San Diego has massive waves that surfers come from all over the world to experience. They are not for the faint of heart in any way, cold and awesome. Watching the surfers skate over the waves is a great option for those that are not professionals.

Winters also boast the migration of whales through this part of the Pacific Ocean. So if you are still craving some magical experience at sea, it’s hard to beat spotting these giant mammals making their yearly progression across the ocean. Here are some whale watching tours that will allow you to experience this on your next winter visit.


Take this in, it is warm enough to sit on the beach and get a tan. The sun still shines down with its radiant warmth like it’s the middle of summer. Just make sure you don’t accidentally walk on the shady side of the street. It is desert cold in the shade. Get yourself to the water where you can stay warm and watch the beacon sun set beneath the waves.


The sun is gone but never fear because bonfires are the perfect way to stay warm and keep the party going. Fires are allowed at designated spots on the beach (just no smoking and drinking are allowed). However, if you feel the fire is nothing without substances, stop into the ITH Beach Bungalow where there is a patio almost right on the sand. With this breathtaking view, you may as well be right on the beach. Here there are fires every night to keep you toasty and warm. 420 and booze friendly. See, you can have it all?



See you on the beach 🙂

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