4 Things to Try This Winter in Big Bear

Bobby Dyer

Snow season is upon us in Big Bear and that means lots and lots of visitors and that white powdery goodness! There are lots of activities that one could do to make the most of the snow fall in the mountains. Check out these things to do while spending your winter in Big Bear:


Winter in Big Bear ITH Lodge

The snow classics. There are 2 places to go snowboarding and skiing for winter in Bear Bear: Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. For the first timers wanting to try skiing or snowboarding out, Bear Mountain has the largest beginners area. Snow Summit provides more of the authentic alpine riding experience. Both places provide over 436 developed acres of slopes with jumps, thrills, and funboxes for all levels of riders! Buy your Snow Summit or Bear Mountain lift tickets early and you can save some money!



Winter in Big Bear Snow Sledding ITH Lodge

A childhood favorite that extends into adulthood. When there is snow in Big Bear, you can find places to go sledding just about anywhere! Don’t worry if you don’t have a sled, you will had an abundance of places to find one at. Some popular sledding places include: Aspen Glen Picnic Area, Snow Forest, and Coldbrook campgroud area.



Winter in Big Bear Snowshoeing ITH Lodge
Source: http://actionsnowshoetours.com/

Snowshoe through the backcountry of Big Bears woods for a chance to see footprints of deer, fox, and many other animals! On these tours you get to travel along snow that is untouched by snowboarding/skiing traffic. Snowshoeing tours last 3 hours and go through multiple terrains and the difficulty is suited to fit each group. This is a fun activity for ages 10 and up. Action Snowshoeing starts their tours in December so check it out! (Other fun attractions in the snow to try our at Action would be tree rope climbing and ziplining!)


Inner Tubing


Winter in Big Bear Inner Tubing ITH Lodge

Inner tubing is a super fun activity that will make everyone in the family enjoy their winter in big bear! You can go tubing during the day or go in the thrill of the night ! Inner tubes places vary in opening, some open as early as October when it is cold enough to make snow. Snow tubing places inclube Big Bear Snow Play, Alpine Slide, and Grizzly Ridge Tubing Park. (Alpine Slide has the magic carpet which carries you up the hill so you don’t have to walk!) Children 2-6 get to ride free with an adult.

Winter in Big Bear ITH Adventure Lodge Hostel

Feeling exhausted from your Big Bear adventure? Stop by ITH Big Bear Adventure Lodge and show us your snowboarding/skiing Lift ticket and we will give you 25% off your stay in either our 4-bedroom or 8-bedroom dorms! Sit around our giant fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the fire and good company. We provide premium amenities such free breakfast and dinner as well as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in our showers to help make your stay even better!

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