Studying English in San Diego is Paradise

Bobby Dyer

Studying English in San Diego is Paradise

studying english in San Diego Boat Party

Everyday hundreds of international students fly into San Diego to go to one of the many language schools to improve their english speaking skills. With warm temperatures and sunny skies nearly year round, San Diego is the perfect environment to take a semester abroad and enjoy life while also studying! Upon arrival in the city, find a great school to study at such as Intrax, From English To French or  Connect English Language Institute.

International Travelers H

After you have selected the best schools for your language desires, find a cool place to live such as the ITH Hostels or a similar environment that creates a fun and memorable experience for your adventure! It  is important to match an affordable accommodation with one that also provides social activities so you can easily meet other students and travelers. In addition to studying english in San Diego at your school, we have seen a great deal of improvement in the language skills that our guests have developed by being in a strong social atmosphere. The easiest way for anyone to learn a new language is to completely immerge themselves in an environment that is friendly and everyone is speaking the language you are trying to learn.

Although the language schools in San Diego are amazing, lets be honest, everyone that comes to San Diego for a semester abroad wants to be able to enjoy the beaches, weather, parties, nightlife and soak up the California lifestyle! At the International Travelers House, or team works hard making sure students and guests have the opportunities to take advantage of some free activities like surfing, sailing, hiking, snorkeling and many other enjoyable activities. By having free access to these activities, students can obtain the full southern California experience in a shorter amount of time! REI also offers classes for the public relating to fun outdoor adventures that display San Diego’s beauty!


Finding a cool place to call your home is very important while you are living abroad. Be sure to find a safe and friendly place that will provide everything you need for your semester. The ITH Student Residences offers free food for our students so that no one has to take time away from their exciting days and slave away in the kitchen.

For more information about studying english in San Diego, feel free to contact the International Travelers House, and we can provide you with the best insight in the city!


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