Ski Season Around the Corner! What You Need to Know

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1. The weather forecast

Of course, there is no sure way to know what the weather will bring, but there was good snowfall last year and according to the current weather reports it looks like a good forecast this year. Snow in the mountains! Meaning you will be able to play out in it to your heart’s content.

2. Rent your gear

The trick to renting cheap gear is to be as far away from the resorts as you can get. Places such as Twin Bear Equipment Rentals and Ski Haus have some appealing offers for those looking for the best deals in the area.

3. Cheap Deal Websites for last year’s gear

this is the real secret to finding inexpensive gear. Get the top brands of the winter sports gear from last season, and you will save a bundle. Websites like Backcountry (also their sister site Steep and Cheap offers flash sales) Evo, the Clymb, and Moosejaw Outlet are great places to look.

4. Plan ahead with buying chains down the mountain

You don’t want to be in a dangerous driving situation or trapped in the snowy mountains when it is time to return to reality. Make sure you plan ahead and get some chains for your tires so your car doesn’t become a new sledding winter sport. That does not sound very fun.

5. Best prices and deals

The best time to get the best deals is in the middle of the week when it is the slowest. If you are planning to come up frequently for the winter ski season, check out the details for the Cali4nia Passes and the Bear Season Passes. There are up to 5,888 Skiable Acres for you to enjoy with these passes, don’t miss out!

6. Planning – Book a group rental or come up nightly at our Hostel

The ITH Big Bear Lodge completes the winter experience. Cozy up by the fireplace after a long, fun day of outdoor fun. Enjoy complimentary meals and making new friends this season in Big Bear!


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