Ski Season Around the Corner! What You Need to Know

Do you feel that crispness in the air? The leaves have been starting to hint at the approaching winter. The evenings have grown cooler. Even the giant Pacific Ocean has been bringing cooler waters to the shore.


Those, my friends, are the signs of winter.


And with winter comes ski season. This sacred season breeds traversing in the half pipe, Ariel turns, and 180 grinds.


This winter is going to be more epic than ever.


You might be asking how we know that. For starters, Mammoth Mountain purchased Big Bear Mountain Resorts. They have been investing heavily into the mountains. Rumors have it that they are currently working to connect Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Resort, giving skiers and boarders easy access to the best skiing in Southern California.


As a skier in Big Bear, you are now enjoying the fruits of the largest ski companies in the country. Let’s just say they know what they are doing when it comes to providing a top-notch skiing experience.


This also means creative options when purchasing your ski pass. They now offer the unprecedented four-mountain Cali4nia Pass. All in total, you are talking 5,888 skiable acres.


Check out the details for the Cali4nia Passes and the Bear Season Passes.


Secondly, the 2015-2016 winter season is shaping up to be an El Nino season. While all the fancy meteorologists don’t guarantee anything (wouldn’t it be nice to have their jobs), typically El Nino years have seen more precipitation and cooler temperatures for Southern California.


It’s the perfect storm for a legendary skiing and snowboarding season.


For your perfect ski getaway, check out our International Traveler’s House Big Bear Properties. To start, we dish up home-cooked breakfast and dinner every night. You can hit the hill bright and early on a full stomach. Then after a long day on the mountain, come home to a scrumptious dinner and cozy up by our giant fireplace.


Occasionally, throughout the season we will offer free snowboarding lessons on the mountain.


Check out all our Big Bear properties to see what fits your style! We have great options for families, singles, couples, and groups.


Here’s a quick break down of what lodging and room options you can expect at each of our Big Bear Mountain properties:


Lake Retro Cabin:

  • 3 Private Rooms (full-sized beds)
  • Six bed attic loft
  • Entire Cabin Rental


Mountain Adventure Lodge

  • Private King En Suite
  • Private Queen En Suite
  • Four Bed Mixed Dorm
  • Eight Bed Mixed Dorm
  • Camp 49er
  • Rent out the entire Lodge


For an entirely different way of traveling, check out all of our ITH properties in Southern California!