Ski and Snowboarding Competitions Happening in Big Bear

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USASA Big Bear Competitions

During the winter season, the quiet mountains are transformed into a snowboarding and freeskiing playground. The United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association hosts competitions in Big Bear for thousands of athletes looking to be in the pipeline for the Olympic team. The organization has been around for 29 years and are the largest snowboarding and freeskiing community. This makes for great athletes to watch and exciting competitions to be a part of whether you are on the slopes yourself or watching from the sidelines.

Rail Jam 1

December 15th @ Bear Mountain

This is a one-of-a-kind rail jam course that will include 11 jibs with 2 different jib pads. Come out to jib and air your way to the podium.


January 12th @ Bear Mountain

Showcase your talent and creativity as you hit the slopes freeskiing in style. This is your moment to shine with other amazing athletes all coming together to share what they love. Competition and passion to achieve is the name of this game. Can you hack it?

Rail Jam 2

January 26th @Bear Mountain

More of the same? Hardly, since the Big Bear Staff create a unique new course for each rail jam competition. Come out and see what they have in store for you to test your skills and achieve some thrills.


February 9th @ Bear Mountain

The ski community tends to be filled with passionate, dedicated athletes and participating in the USASA halfpipe at Bear Mountain makes for an incredible moment to engage with like-minded ski enthusiasts holding fast to outdoor dreams and thrills.


March 1st @ Bear Mountain

Six snowboarders racing against one another, battling it out on all manner of obstacles put in their paths. It is a great race to watch that showcases all kinds of skills. If you have the versatility, this is still a challenging competition that only one can win.

Supergirl Snow Pro

February 22-23rd @ Bear Mountain

This is the time for the world’s best pro and amateur female snowboarders to show their stuff! 10-time X Games gold medalist Lindsey Jacobellis will be there to encourage the next generation of female riders to get out there and compete. If you are looking for the perfect way to mingle women that have succeeded in this sport, this is the competition for you. Take this opportunity to learn from some greats and snowboard with them too!

Night Rides: Something for everyone

February 22-29th @ Snow Summit

After watching such talent, you must be itching to get out there yourself. Or maybe you competed in the events and are looking for something fun to do after such intensity. Whoever you are. the night rides that take place during the winter season are a ride under the stars like no other.


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