Seamoss: The Health Elixir Few Know About

Amiel Terry

San Diego is infamous for it’s beach life, beer, and legal (and not so legal) substances that make SD the place to live the rock star lifestyle. But how do you keep your body strong so you can keep up with all your homies and wild out? I bring you the elixir that most don’t know exist: Seamoss!

What is Seamoss?

SeamossSo what is Seamoss? Seamoss is essentially a type of algae found in the Atlantic coast and many Caribbean Islands (amongst other places).

It grows in the rocky parts of the oceans and once washed and purified of the salts from the water, it is considered an elite superfood.

It has actually been apart of the human diet for many many years, but when the pharmaceutical industry took over, a lot of the natural and holistic ways of healing, protecting, and strengthening yourself went under the rug and out the window.

What Will It Do For Me?

Having a WHOPPING 92 of the 110 vitamins and minerals the human body is made of, seamoss is used for much and does it all!

BenefitsProponents have claimed that it does everything from boost immunity and sooth digestion to strengthen joints and improve skin health.

Many folks have also used seamoss to assist in hair growth, reducing inflammation, and aiding with headaches and migraines.

Kim Kardashian is among some of the most notable and famous celebrities to back it and include it in her daily routine with breakfast.

Where To Find It?

SeamosssssExcited to try this fantastic superstar elixir but don’t know where to get it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing Latasha Chavez, certified health nutritionist and Founder of Healthy Living Co. San Diego. A minority owned powerhouse for producing Seamoss in gel format so that is easy for you to use and incorporate into your diet.

IMG 7869Some of the ways that people like to take it is by placing it into their smoothies, favorite juices, or (if you’re bold) just taking it straight to the head.

Whichever way you decide to take this super potion, ensure that you reach out to Latasha and tell her that we sent you! She has the best prices, quality, and sound knowledge to answer any question you may have regarding the product.

Best thing about it, it already comes premade (infused flavors available), and SHE DELIVERS! You can’t beat that!

Best place to find and contact her is here on her Instagram and shoot her a DM to get yourself right!

IMG 7870

I hope you party animals and travelers enjoyed the gem we dropped and do a little more research on your own and consider adding seamoss to your diet. After that, party it up! But make sure you do it at ITH!



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