Things to do in San Diego during Coronavirus (June 2021)

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June Updates on San Diego during Coronavirus


Screen Shot 2021 05 18 At 7.26.02 PMFor the latest conditions in San Diego during Coronavirus, you can view the city COVID19 Dashboard.


The end is in sight! 

June 15th is the date scheduled to retire COVID restrictions in California. Travelers have been heading to the west coast in a frenzy as everyone is enjoying traveling again. Many states have removed all restrictions, and people are enjoying getting out of their houses for fun adventures.

Week after week we have continued to see a downward trend of new COVID19 cases in San Diego. Over 54% of residents in San Diego have been fully vaccinated.

International travel reopens to travelers starting on June 15, 2021.

San Diego local music festivals are popping up and the summer should be a great time!

Travel Smart To San Diego During Coronavirus

Governor Newsom did release a statement at the beginning of June saying the state will remain in a “state of emergency” but will do away with the pandemic-era tier system and go back to normal on June 15.

If you are safe and responsible, traveling to San Diego during coronavirus is still possible.

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How travel is affected in San Diego during COVID19

San Diego has been a city that has done a great job handling the pandemic and ensuring travelers can still have a fun getaway. Luckily, most of the fun things to do in San Diego are all outside, which is excellent for preventing the spread of COVID.

San Diego’s southern California location offers the perfect climate for you to relax during the long pandemic season.

One great thing about traveling during the current season is that the city is not as crowded as usual, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and have lots of space, which is rare.


Travelers are over the pandemic and ready to be outside at one of San Diego’s pristine beaches.

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Flying During COVID 19

With so many great destinations to visit, you must decide where to go on vacation during Coronavirus that is safe and enjoyable. Many travelers are heading to the beaches or up to the mountains and escaping into the wilderness. Big cities and urban jungles are not where you want to be at this time.

When flying, every airline is different, so it is best to see its current policies.

I do have some tips for flying during COVID. Airlines require a mask during the entire ride, so it is best to use your most comfortable mask. Bring hand sanitizer to ensure your seating areas are clean. Planes are serving only snacks in a pre-bagged format, which you get handing while boarding the flight. Plan and bring your food and drinks with you before you get on the plane.

If you are traveling to San Diego from an international destination, you must present a negative COVID19 PCR test to enter the country. The test must be completed within 72 hours of arriving in America.

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Taking a Covid roadtrip

The Coronavirus has significantly decreased air travel but created a boom for travelers taking drive-to destinations vacations. Travelers driving cross country during COVID have been on the rise because most people are trying not to fly.

Traffic generally is down in most cities with most people working from home, so you should have open roads!

One thing to remember when taking a road trip during Coronavirus is that some businesses will be closed, so you may not see the hot spots you were planning on visiting. Always call ahead and see what kind of experiences local destinations offer, so you know what to expect. Some businesses may even have a particular new area setup, which can be extra unique to the overall experience!

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Ocean Beach Drum Circle

Things to do during COVID Pandemic in San Diego

What’s open in San Diego? Knowing where to go is crucial to know before planning your trip during these unpredictable times. The city of San Diego offered a current list of open businesses and closed businesses.

One of the hardest things about the pandemic is not being able to watch any live music.

As the year has progressed, you are starting to see more outdoor entertainment get created. You can find some live music and entertainment at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market and Drum Circles, which happens on Wednesday nights.

Bars and restaurants have begun offers live music to entertain guests.

Concerts are starting to get promoted in the local area starting in August and September.

Screen Shot 2021 05 18 At 7.25.37 PMAre beaches open in San Diego?

San Diego has California’s warmest and most beautiful beaches.  All of San Diego’s beaches are open and sunny as usual. The parking lots are open, so it is easy to get a spot for your car next to the beach. San Diego does not require masks outdoors or on the beach.

Learning how to surf could be a great hobby to practice while practicing social distancing for the near future.

Are Restaurants and Bars Open in San Diego?

San Diego is allowing restaurants to be open for limited indoor and outdoor dining, take-out, and delivery. Bars are allowed to be open with limited capacity.

It has been impressive to see all of the restaurants and bars’ newly designed outdoor seating areas on the streets in front of their buildings. San Diego’s beautiful weather creates the perfect atmosphere for dining outside.

San Diego Outdoor Dining Covid19Can you Dine in at Restaurants in San Diego?

Yes, current restrictions allow indoor dining.

Food delivery services are an excellent option for you if you hang out at the hostel and get hungry. You can use apps like GrubHub and UberEats to get the best local food delivered to your doorstep.

Does San Diego have a Curfew in effect?

No, there is not a curfew currently in place in San Diego.

Is the San Diego Zoo Open?

The San Diego Zoo is open for guests, and the animals are excited to welcome visitors!

Watch the San Diego Zoo Live Cams and see your favorite animals and up to during the pandemic!

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What Adventures and tours are open?

Nearly all adventures have reopened in San Diego.

The sunny weather in San Diego has everyone excited to get outdoors and have fun! Plan on spending your days surfing or going for hikes. East County San Diego has numerous waterfall hikes that are breathtaking, including Three Sisters Waterfall and Cedar Creek Waterfall.

One great activity you must try in San Diego is heading out in the waves for a surf. Our friends at PB Surf Shop can hook you up with the best surfing lessons in San Diego. Our Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel is currently offering Surf and Stay Packages for travelers looking for a 3-day getaway!

Where does San Diego offer COVID testing?

If you are not feeling well or have a fever, it is best not to travel. If you are already traveling, San Diego does offer Covid19 testing throughout the county. View a map of where you can get tested.

Screen Shot 2021 05 18 At 7.25.45 PMAre Hostels open in San Diego?

A great thing about hostels today is that you can find private rooms and smaller dorm rooms, allowing you to have more space.

All the hostels briefly shut down at the start of the pandemic, but most have since reopened for travelers. Due to the rise in remote working, many hostels are hosting travelers with a coliving or monthly accommodation style.

The usual social activities hostels offer have been canceled or adjusted to practice more social distancing.

Most hostels have updated their websites with any current restrictions that may be in place due to COVID19. I would recommend calling ahead and confirming which rooms and experiences will be available at the different hostels across San Diego.

Traveling safely and smart is very important in today’s world. If you a precautious and do a little research on your trip, you can still have a great time in San Diego during coronavirus!

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