San Diego Airbnb’s That You Must See

Amiel Terry
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If you are coming to San Diego to check out some fun and some surf there are many places you could choose to stay. With Airbnb becoming all the rave lately with the travel crew, we’ve decided to show you a list of some affordable and unique Airbnb’s in different parts of San Diego.

Mission Beach House

If you’re staying in Mission Beach you have to check out this Mission Beach Bungalow House! There literally could not be a better deal for this beautifully furnished house. At $122/night and right on the beach, you’re getting a good deal. Great inside. Beautiful furniture. Right next to the ocean and hosted by a superhost.

Check out the Mission Beach Bungalow House!

Downtown San Diego Airbnb

Her is our pick for a Downtown San Diego Airbnb : Downtown Marble Chic Dwelling.

Super clean, super stylish, and the best part about it is that it’s in an actual entire apartment complex to yourself. The place is routinely cleaned and has over 100 reviews with nearly a perfect rating. For Downtown San Diego, sitting at $115/night for this beautiful marble style apartment is a great deal.

The Artist’s House

By far my the favorite airbnb on the list. The artist house is a beautiful beautiful entire house with modern design that has priceless art all over it. Nicknamed “The Perfect Family Oasis“, you can’t go wrong with this selection.

5You have to see it to believe it. Though it is more on the expensive side at around $800/night; if you go with a group or the family it is well worth the price.

Pacific Beach San Diego Airbnb

If you’re feeling a little spicy and you want to live the great life in Pacific Beach, we have just the Airbnb for you.

Check out Capri By The Sea, the perfect beach front Airbnb.

Literally steps away from the beach on the 9th floor in an amazing condo, Capri by the Sea does not disappoint. Sitting at $250/night, I think this is the perfect deal for a beachfront ocean view and a dope apartment inside.

Group Airbnb In Little Italy

Round up your best friends and enjoy this eclectic group house on your next trip to San Diego.

The front deck has the perfect ambiance for an afternoon BBQ under a huge avocado tree!

Tiny House San Diego Airbnb

If you’re looking to have more of a unique stay in San Diego, we bring you Tiny House San Diego.

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This Cottage style house is built in the format of your traditional tiny house with it being compact and having a lot of the things in the house close together. However, it being a tiny house does not bring down the quality. It is such a unique and clean design on the inside that you will feel right at home and super relaxed when you stay.

You’re looking at around $126/night for Tiny House San Diego.



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