PCT Kick Off Party and PCT Week at Big Bear Lake

Paul-Gilmore @ unsplash

PCT season is upon us and you know what that means! Hikers start with an awesome kickoff party, trail magic on their way to Big Bear, and PCT week with International Traveler’s House. Day to day grinders looking for adventure, full time wanders and the physically intense all set out together on an amazing journey. 


A New Addition to the PCT Kick-Off


Hikers start at the southern tip of California for the famous PCT kick-off party. Hikers will be celebrating with fellow travelers and supporters to add some great energy to the long and fulfilling trek. That’s where International Travelers House (ITH) comes in! ITH will be working with the PCT association in any way they can. They will be looking to add value to the kickoff party and add to the experience up to Big Bear.


Owners and staff will be heading out from the party on the PCT to the Big Bear Adventure Lodge. ITH owners and staff will be leaving trail magic all the way up to Big Bear Lake!  Hikers climbing the 8000 ft mountains will be rewarded with food, wisdom, encouragement, and other essential gifts.


Austin-Neill @ unsplash


We’re are hoping that once you make it up the mountain, you will come to rest at the Adventure Lodge where we will be having an amazing hiker week with games, contests, prizes, podcasts interviews and much more. Enjoy a variety of accommodation options, free breakfast, and dinner and a great staff with experience helping hikers rest well and plan ahead.


ITH is bringing their podcast up to the lodge for PCT Week. Hostel Road Trip Podcast is excited to announce the fourth season. PCTers will be the focus for the entire week of recordings. For more information, click here, or navigate at the top of this page to the ITH Big Bear Adventure lodge.