Spreading peace through knowledge of culture.

We believe that traditional accommodations leave out  the most important parts of your journey: the chance to open your mind and experience the world through another traveler’s eyes.  Our sustainably driven communal lodging strives to educate each guest in the walk of life that we call hosteling. Look beyond the hostels as a simple place of rest, and embrace the unique experience you’re about to be immersed in.

Creating a global family, one traveler at a time.

Our values

Sustainable Lodging
We all share this spaceship we call home. Our team puts environmental well-being at the top of priority list.
Breaking Cultural Barriers
Travel is about expanding your mind and releasing your misconceptions. We create fertile ground to do just that.
Unique Hosted Experience
Our guests are our family, and we treat them that way. Meals, laughs, and adventures shared together.

Our history

  • 2010
    Purchased Sailboat & Began Our Dream
  • 2012 - August
    Founded International Travelers House
  • 2012 - October
    Opened CoLive Residences
  • 2013 - August
    Opened Elysium Cabin
  • 2014 - April
    Opened Mountain Adventure Lodge
  • 2014 - July
    Opened Farm House
  • 2017 - March
    Opened Mudville Flats
  • 2017 - April
    Opened Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel
  • 2017 - November
    2017 Opened Captain's House

2010 Planning Begins

After hosting travelers for a few years and working at in the hostel industry, James and Bobby saw an opportunity to bring American Hostels to another level. We bought a sailboat to live on and save money while we began laying out the foundation.

2012 Founded International Travelers House

Our first location was the Adventure Hostel in Downtown San Diego in a small Victorian house. Our passion for hosting and the unique experiences we guided guests on provided on with early success and we never looked back.

2012 Opened CoLive Residences

After selling out on our 3rd day of operating the hostel, we realized that the travelers never wanted to leave. We had many guests looking for long term accommodation to learn english or just establish their roots in San Diego so we opened our CoLive Residences.

2013 Opened Elysium Cabin

As an Adventure Hostel, we wanted to showcase everything California had to offer. We purchased a cabin in Big Bear Lake and began shuttling guests between the beaches of San Diego and the mountains of Big Bear Lake.

2014 Opened Mountain Adventure Lodge

Our passion for the hosting guests in the mountain continued to grow, so we decided to open a hostel in Big Bear where we could entertain and host more travelers.

2014 Opened Farm House

With San Diego booming, we felt the need to provide our guests with a variety of lodging experiences. Our Farm House offered a large garden with chickens where travelers could stay at and enjoy a peaceful nights rest.

2017 Opened Mudville Flats

The Mudville Flats in Newport, Rhode Island was our first east coast project and included a fully operating restaurant and bar. The building was location on Cardines field and provided guests with a comfortable accommodation in the heart of Newport.

2017 Opened Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

Our dream to operate a beach hostel came true when we took over the operations of the Beach Bungalow Hostel. Since the inception, we have been restoring an iconic hostel and creating the ultimate backpacker oceanfront surf hostel.

2017 Opened Captain's House

Growing demand in the Downtown San Diego market grabbed our attention and we created our Captain's House location at the Adventure Hostel. The building is fully renovated and offers a premium facilities for business travelers and backpackers.

The ITH Hosts

James Headshot Fpo

James Black

CoFounder & CEO

Tiverton, Rhode Island

Bobby Headshot Test Fpo

Bobby Dyer

CoFounder + COO

Tampa, Florida

Piera Headshot Fpo

Piera Fachinelli

Manager at Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Maryanne Headshot Fpo

Maryanne Sayles

Manager at Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

Sacramento, California

Matt Fpo

Matt Johnson

Assistant Manager at Adventure Hostel

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fran Fpo

Francesca Chaher

Assistant Manager at Beach Bungalow Hostel

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Karina Fpo

Karina England

Assistant Manager at CoLive Balboa Park

Concepción, Chile

Why choose us?

Great Locations
Stay in the best neighborhoods of the city
Defined by our People
Our local hosts will guide you on the best adventures.
Affordable Rates
Stay in comfortable hostel and save money for your experiences
Best hostel in the United States! In a country that doesn’t do hostels well this one stands above all! The staff are informative, fun and friendly. Everyone had a smile on their face my entire stay and that made my stay all the more special!
I had such an amazing time at the ITH Adventure Hostel in San Diego. The rooms were comfortable and the staff and other guests were super nice, so it was very easy to make new friends.
This was a great place to stay, with friendly and helpful staff and a super relaxed, laid-back vibe. Walking distance from the waterfront, tons of great restaurants and attractions!

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