Museums In San Diego: Planes, Trains, Ships, and Cars.

Museums In San Diego


Museums in San Diego (Museums in San Diego)


It is a little known San Diego Secret that we are in fact a museum city. San Diego has over sixty museums!


Since there are so many museums, it would definitely be a little tedious to include them all in one post. Therefore, we will be breaking them down by category. The first set we will be covering are the museums focused on the great inventions that revolutionized transportation!


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The USS Midway Museum


Museums in San Diego


It’s a ship…and museum! Get aboard this historical boat that served as a battleship in the War. Check out the website to watch a virtual tour of the museum and book your visit!


The Maritime Museum of San Diego 


Museums in San Diego


Another ship from another time, this wooden ship sailed the seven seas in the middle of the 19th century and surely saw itself some salty pirates. Located at the edge of downtown where the concrete jungle meets the water, set up your tour reservation today right here!


San Diego Automotive Museum


Museums in San Diego


The San Diego Automotive Museum, located in the heart of Balboa Park, provides exhibits for motorcycles, cars, trucks, scooters, mopeds and so much more.


One of San Diego’s most well known museums with permanent exhibits and seasonal exhibits from sponsors such as Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, Plank road and more. Click here to schedule your very own visit!


J.A. Cooley Museum


Museums in San Diego


“The J.A. Cooley Museum is located in North Park, one of the older communities of San Diego. Here on display are featured 15 cars from 1886 through 1933 and 25 categories of antiques represented by collections such as model trains, cast iron toys, spittoons, tools, cuckoo clocks, license plates, World War I posters, phonographs, typewriters, and cameras.”


Taken Directly from the website that you can visit here for more information.


San Diego Air and Space Museum


Museums in San Diego


Wright Brother Era models and stories, WWI and II fighter jets, and the Mysterious and Powerful SR-71 Blackhawk that sits out front cutting through into the blue San Diego sky all make this museum breathtaking.


As you enter into the museum you’ll probably see a 747’s in bound to San Diego International fly right overhead. It’s as if they planned it that way. Check out the website here to book your first experience. 


Until Next Time…


Alright folks, that is it for now. Stay tuned for our next category of museums which will more than likely lean into the realms of science and discovery! Once again, if you want to really enjoy San Diego, you’re probably going to want to take a few days.


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