Finding Housing When Moving To San Diego

These 3 options will get you started on the right track to finding a great place to call home.

Ani Grimaudo
Moving To San Diego

Looking For A Place To Stay In San Diego?

Moving to San Diego is an amazing experience and dream for many.  The warm sunshine, friendly vibes and beautiful landscape creates the ultimate destination.

Finding an affordable place to live is a challenge. Being flexible and trying a few options is a way to experience the different neighborhoods.

Craigslist In San Diego


Airbnb is a great option to test out a variety of local neighborhoods and cultures before settling down in one area. You have the flexibility of renting a place for a few nights up to a a few months.

Airbnb In San Diego


Searching on Craigslist can be a great way to find an affordable apartment. You can rent an entire apartment or get a shared room with room mates.  Always be sure to meet your room mates before you move in to be sure the apartment is a good fit for everyone.

CoLiving In San Diego:

Colive San Diego

ITH CoLive Balboa Park

If you want to be able to walk out your door and go wander through massive park trails and still be in a city, this is the location that best suits you. Hillcrest is located very close to the infamous San Diego Zoo and North Park areas of the city.  Living in this location on a month-to-month basis will afford you the ability to immerse yourself into an active and diverse art community. Plug into the scene here and find out what you have been missing.

Beach Bungalow San Diego

ITH Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

Are you the type of person that never wants to leave the beach? Now you won’t have to, with month-to-month rentals available at ITH Beach Bungalow. Pacific Beach is an energetic beach town full of activities for the person that wants to live in flip flops and wake up to the sound of the ocean. The chill vibes at the bungalow will carry through your daily life. Get accustomed to the endless summer and explore the diverse San Diego beaches to find the right one for you.

With the CoLive rental option, you can rent a room at this location on a monthly basis. It is the perfect way to acclimate yourself to the urban areas of San Diego.

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