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Amiel Terry

With still so many limitations on outdoor activities and interaction, it can be hard to find things to do during COVID. Prima Materia in San Diego noticed this and took it upon themselves to bring their world class art lessons to your screen! Now you can learn art during COVID!


Prima Materia Art Institute in San Diego is an industry leading for their consistent success stories and positive community.

SuppliesWhat separates them from other places is their unique teaching method. They combine the lessons and tools of the masters through time, but tie in latest research in cognitive science and psychology.

Classes used to be in person, but with the pandemic they had to make adjustments. To ensure the safety of all of those participating, they put a lot of effort and work into transitioning to completely online video courses.

Classes Available

As mentioned above, they are infamous for taking novices to pros in a year’s time. However, if you’re experienced or have a specialty request they can help you too.

Here you can see they currently have available. There are 4 interactive beginner courses, a specialty course, and 2 master courses available.

MmmmThe classes are available to all eager participants 15 years and older! It is never too late to start your art journey.

How It Works

With Prima Materia you have a lot of freedom, which I really like. You can approach your artistic journey in one of two ways. You can either sign up for a membership or take classes A-La-Carte.

If you are just starting out and want to test the waters of the program, head to the available classes and select “register here”. On the other hand, if you are super excited and stoked to take on the full art journey, you can sign up for one of three available membership plans to get the full experience.

Check out their memberships and what they include here!

IoujAs stated before, whether you are a beginner, building your portfolio for college, or a master, Prima Materia is the online school for you to learn art. Not only will you get a world class teacher, but you’ll be introduced to a phenomenal like-minded network of friends. You can’t beat this!

Make sure to check out ITH while you’re learning!



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